Max Random – Analog Man’

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Max Random’s Comedy Space Folk Music arrived organically when he was performing standup comedy & took up playing guitar. He started out writing funny songs to play at college parties & was pushed to play an open mic. He quickly rose in popularity and started headlining & opening shows nationally his second year performing.

His songs are described as hilarious with a biting social commentary & include subjects like-Aliens, The Dali Lama, Hunter S. Thompson , Weed, Frank the Bunny, and loads of other Random subject matter. Audiences have commented “the most original show they have seen out in a long time” This is a comedy act that is definitely an acquired taste. He lets it all hang out on “Analog Man.” The CD kicks off with Godzilla and it doesn’t establish a whole lot to speak of but a few laughs. On the one hand it is a comedic work but not to really be considered a song. On the next track things do reflect a little more that of a song, but it doesn’t manage to sound like much more than an Arlo Guthrie tune at best, which there is nothing wrong with, but it’s hardly original that way. I did sort of enjoy it because I enjoy Arlo Guthrie, but you get the picture. It doesn’t change much on the next track Pessimists Can’t Pretend, but the subject matter is a little better and it’s funny in parts as to be expected. But then things take a turn for the worst and don’t bring any real musical value to back it either on the ridiculously offensive Lesbian Folk Song, it is here where I find things the hardest to digest and question whether Random isn’t mocking music altogether. This one simply tanks, but there is more, you will laugh at some of these tracks if that is at all the idea, it’s just low on musical values and has some borderline questionable content that I find hard to review with any mention. But it does succeed on the laughter side for all it is worth, except in some of the more “offensive” parts. For instance if you don’t like pot humor, you’ll likely sit a few of these numbers out, as he goes well into that subject on tracks such as Monster Hash, Ganja Babe and I’ve Smoked Weed Everywhere. It’s all meant to be funny but in the end isn’t for everyone, regardless of accomplishing laughs.

But that is one thing you will do, so if that is up your alley, “Analog Man” is for you. I’d like to hear more on the musical side of Max Random before fully dismissing him as a musician. There is always room for growth, so here’s hoping he does. I would enjoy a lot more musical passages in the songs and see him stretching his wings in the future.


Larry Toering

Score: 7/10