15minaday 200If you’ve been listening to Gashouse Live (weekdays 6pm ET) then you’ve probably heard about our new segment 15 Minutes A Day, or #15minaday. During these 15 minutes, we try to come up a way to create real, measurable positive change in our society. We first looked at some of the problems in our country and determined that there is an epidemic f greed and corruption throughout our government (duh).We then determined that the problem starts even before a politician is in office. The corruption starts at the campaigning level. Last week, in order to combat this problem, we came up with the Positive Campaign Promise, and I am really excited to start this project!


When I think of election season, I think of terrible television ads playing 24/7. Not the ads that discuss the candidates plans for improvement (those ads are few and far between). I’m talking about those awful ads that just bash their opponents. The ads that skew facts to make the other candidate look like a criminal, sometimes inhuman. They always start with some dramatic music, and a lot of times they are black & white to emphasize just how bad this guy/girl really is for our country/state/county/etc.




These ads are bi-partisan. Both sides of the aisle are guilty of this tactic. And no wonder we have no faith in our politicians, we are taught to dislike them before they even reach office whether consciously or subconsciously. In the 2012 election, 75% of all television ads were either totally negative or contrasting (half negative about the opponent, half positive about themselves).


Please understand this has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican. This is a problem for all Americans alike. Our political system has turned into a joke.





These ads are not cheap either. In the 2012 presidential campaign, $170 million dollars were spent on television ads between both parties, and this is only for the president. Think about how many of these ads you saw for senate races, etc. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every election on negative television ads.


The Positive Campaign Promise, or P.C.P., looks like this:


Instead of spending millions on negative TV campaign ads, what if the candidates promise to spend that same amount of money on charities? Imagine millions of dollars going towards good causes. This is our idea of the Positive Campaign Promise. Now the candidates still need exposure and and publicity, so here is how our idea will work.


Let’s say a candidate was going to spend $1 million in TV ads in October of 2016. Instead, they give that $1 million to our trust. $500k gets distributed among vetted charities (top-rated charities on charitywatch.org). The other $500k is used to advertise what that money will do for those charities:


“Thanks to Senator Joe Schmo, Action Against Hunger was able to feed 1000 families for a month”


Everyone wins in this situation. Top-rated charities are getting millions of dollars in donations. Politicians are doing something positive for our community and getting really great publicity for it. And we are not subjected to those stupid campaign ads for weeks leading up to the election.


When a politician spends millions of dollars on TV ads, that money doesn’t disappear. That money goes into the pockets of wealthy executives. Do you think that campaign money should go to Comcast, or less fortunate? Should the billionaire TV executives get richer during election season while we sit there and watch these ridiculous ads, and our politicians are forced to get more and more cut-throat?


Now I know this is not removing the money out of politics. It’s not going to end corruption, but it’s a start. Let’s see how many politicians we can get to take P.C.P. this coming election season.



If you would like to help us put this idea into place, please email dustin@gashouseradio.com. We are already working on making this a reality, and we can use all the help we can get.