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ILLacrimo is the beginning of a collaboration with Matteo Cifelli (Betty Poison, il Divo, Helene Fisher, Mike & The Mechanics) for the recording of their first self-titled EP, mixed at the Fastermaster studio in London under his supervision. It’s a female fronted metal/alternative rock band from Italy with all the right moves made for their first release with not a punch being pulled. The whole band consist of Federica Sara Falletta Davide- Kristof Acs, Raffaele Lamorte, Giovanni Lima, and Dario Vanoli.

The EP kicks immediately into overdrive on “Burning Fields” with a result to that of monster playing by all, and the vocals are outstanding, something no matter what there is just not enough of in today’s rock market. Sure, she sounds like a few others but they’re still of limited supply. This has an impact that you only used to get from bands like Zed Zeppelin and Heart, as they sort of cross those barriers. I wouldn’t compare them to such older groups but I don’t think a lot of them hit this hard out of the gate, not since the late 90s anyway. This really does get the mood going for the rest of the EP though. It’s no different anywhere else either, as “1000 Reasons To?” proceeds to explore several moods as well, showing some of the most diversity on the EP. She nails every high note with ease on this, and it comes to life as it picks up more as it goes. This is an amazing song, no question. “Chains In The Cold” is also another epic thriller and the raunchiest point of the set. The vocals take on a much more original approach here with some incendiary runs throughout the equally industrial sound of the backing track. The vocals tend to interplay between lead and background, which brings it full circle as my favorite point of all. This is awesome. But it doesn’t stop, with “No Longer” chiming in with just as much weight in its own right. The singing on this track is probably the most satisfying to my taste, and the guitars are just as soaring as on the previous track, if a bit more metallic in their greatness. But the former does edge this one but only by a small margin. I can’t get enough of the guitars.

Closing these cool tracks out is the non-English sung “Non Credi” with its authentic performance, which takes them home and keeps their overall image well grounded. There is a lot going on here to be enjoyed, and even though they sound a lot like Lacuna Coil and others, this can be spoken for as the female fronted genre that it is and it’s nice to hear one from Italy.

YOU TUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfviLtkTvPw

Scott Prinzing

Score: 9/10