Jonathan Bannon Maher

URL: http://www.jonathanmaher.com/

Jonathan Bannon Maher is jack of all trades from New Jersey. No seriously, there isn’t anything this guy can or hasn’t already tried to do. He’s successfully published two books including The Destiny of Humanity which he claims is endorsed and implemented by various world leaders. He’s run for US Senate since 2012. He wrote and distributed to all legislators an essay on gay equality that is “the untold backstory of what caused the legislative marriage equality victories in the United States.” Lastly, he produces pop inspired music such as his new single “The Fallout of Love’.

Maher was raised with everything a kid could dream of. He went fishing with his father and won a blue ribbon for catching the biggest fish. He built sandcastles on the beach. He lived what certainly projects as a charmed all American childhood. Maher matured into a man with a love for politics and the desire to shape them. So it only makes sense he’d do the same with his music.

Jonathan’s musical taste is influenced by a wealth of mainstream artists with a silky smooth accessibility that is similar to his own music. “The Fallout of Love” comes close to being a cleverly articulated and meticulously crafted Goo Goo Dolls tribute.  Much like the Goo Goo Doll’s own sound, the song is pretty cleverly manufactured. Maher reveals that he utilized market research to complete the song. “I read through the lyrics of the top several hundred best-selling songs of all time, and found romance and pain were the most common themes, and shaped my lyrics accordingly. I also found a 4/4 time signature, at a fixed range of beats per minute, were most common among top selling songs, and that served as a framework my guitar and percussion accompaniment. I exhaustively searched the Internet and found the best producer I could in the United States, who would work with someone who wasn’t signed to a major label, and spent two or three sessions with him recording, editing, and mastering.”

“The Fallout of Love” is a compelling and emotionally grappling exploration of the pain of losing someone. It intrigues me that such a song written with any lack of emotional integrity creates a listening experience that appears as though it was created by some.  Maher has given us a song that we can invest our own meaning into, which is what we would do anyway, isn’t it? Does a personally compelling backstory necessarily have to inspired art? Does a real champion or leader necessarily lead by experience? I no doubt think that once again, Maher has set off to achieve greatness in one of his many endeavors. But what are his intentions? Are they to create a song with impact that will elevate his status in society, or are they to write a song that will impact many people and aid them in the processing of pain and loss? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Review by Jennifer Bress