LA Davis – Everything Changed


Singer/songwriter L.A. Davis was born in the bustle and commune of London’s East End. His spirit and determination to succeed come from an overwhelming ability to understand life from a lesser advantaged view point. As a true ‘Cockney’ Londoner, he centers his lyrics right from the heart…. ‘….it really doesn’t matter what a melody sounds like, if the words aren’t true then listeners are less likely to buy into the ethic of a song.’ he says. Being raised and brought up in London proves to be a true inspiration for this artist, his gravely, yet smoky quality to his voice provides the key distinction between his musical counterpart’s.

The CD kicks right off with Change (Nothing To Lose), and it’s quite an exquisite number indeed, with fabulous background vocals in what is almost a duet that way. This is no flop, it’s a classy track that entices what’s to follow. The female backing vocals make the whole track for me, but Davis himself comes on strong as well, you just feel it’s only the tip of the iceberg though. And that is exactly how it follows, with 10 Round With Tyson. This is another interesting track with talk of dragons. You can call this pop music but it has such a fantastic club blend to it that it’s more of a high society sound. The female vocals are by one Mrs. K, and that is all I know, as researching this artist before reviewing turned up all but very little, unfortunately, which makes it a very daunting task to say the least, being hard to talk about something you haven’t the faintest idea about. But this can also be a good thing, because a little mystery never hurt when researching an artist. More exposure comes to mind, but the music loses nothing. I just have no idea where she comes into the picture.

Set Me On Fire comes at just the right time with nice acoustic guitar lines backing it. This isn’t anywhere near as interesting as the previous two, but the vocals are evenly matched between both singers, keeping that quality going. Ammunition is the next track and it seems to be combo of all of what’s going on here. Another killer track.The melodies are all there with some synth for effect, and it just goes off the charts with beats. Lessons I’ve Learnt is a ballad, but a modern one unlike I’ve heard anywhere. Once again both singer complement each other well, while Davis takes most of the mic on this one, and Mrs. K adding an operatic effect. Behind Closed Doors is a track which finds influences creeping in, most notably to me would be Bruno Mars. This is another cool track carried by a club vibe. These are all killer songs by what is obviously an up and coming star in Davis, and with enough push it could go far, but a much more visible online presence would help. The CD rates very high no matter how you slice it.

Larry Toering

Score: 9/10