Mark A Williams


Mark A Williams reels you in with his amazing voice and nice instrumentals. With His refreshing lyrics about his love for the Lord. The lyrics are very uplifting and send a great message. With a voice like his and instrumentals with nice levels and tone I believe this would be fantastic for anyone looking to get closer to God through music.

It’s great to see someone with so much passion and love for God projecting his beliefs onto the world. Through music, it’s an easy way to express yourself. Williams takes pride is what he’s singing about and that’s what will get him far. I could definitely see Williams leading a choir or maybe even teaching students who want to be in the choir about music and about God.

Over-all, I respect the fact that Mark can take pride in his religion. Especially, when so many people look down on music about God. If he keeps doing what he’s doing, he will make it far in the industry with his lovely sound and great instrumentals.

By: Michelle Lopez