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Mike Streng is the singer songwriter and guitarist for Voxmirage, a jazzy  pop act based out of Seattle and Los Angeles. This is a self-titled release  with a lot of throwback yet modern qualities in which Streng combines  effectively. It goes from one end of the pop canon to the next, with  romantic inflections throughout, and second to none songwriting.  The CD kicks off with an intro piece which sets up the first track, “All I  Want Is You,” and it’s a solid power pop number of the romantic variety.  This track has a pretty long into itself before the melodies pop along hard  with the vocals, when they finally kick in. On track 2, “I Can’t Take It  Anymore Than This,” which is really a completely different thing altogether.  It’s actually an epic tune about loneliness. I don’t spot influences as much as the next person, but the familiarity seems to be bread from an 80s sound, and it has a way of taking you back, although totally modern at the same time. The same goes for track 3, “Hold On” with its quirky vocals which might be a little outshined by the backing arrangement, which is awesome, especially the keyboard fills. Things get a lot deeper on “Never Go Away” and then it really picks up on “She’s Going Away,” which gets things rocking and swinging unlike on any of the previous tracks, sounding more on par with the first two tracks, but they fail to rock like this, one of the best tracks for my taste. “Want Me Too” is next and it’s slower in tempo but another fine track. The course stays mellow on the following track, as well as on track 9, “Just For Tonight,” which goes for a jazzy arrangement to successfully switch up the whole vibe. This is right up my alley but might take others for a surprising stroll which could get tragically skipped over. This is a great track all the way, but things go back down a notch with “On I Go With You,” which does have some stripped back quality about, just not a highlight number. It just doesn’t contrast so well with most of the other tracks, which all tend to blend together pretty well. All of these tracks have something to offer, sounding at times like everything from club music to pop rock, and I’m often reminded of the 80s band Berlin. It could use a few more breaks in the tempo but it doesn’t damage any of the consistency to be offered. Other tracks worth noting are the Lindsey Buckingham cover track “Go Insane” and “I Know What Scares You.” This leaves the CD only lacking in a track or two for me, otherwise, Voxmirage is not only great, but so is this release. If you like romantic pop you will enjoy these catchy songs over and over again.

YOU TUBE: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJhNJqqTUqfBYfPPeXDQ2WA

John O’Flaherty

Score: 9/10