Anne Lindsay – Soloworks

About the Artist:

Anne Lindsay will be a household name before long. The Canadian violin virtuoso has quite the resume – she’s playing with big names like Blue Rodeo and even Led Zeppelin! Now she turns her attention to a solo career with her new record “Soloworks” – a magnificent collection of thirteen beautiful stories told from Anne. In addition to violin you can look forward to her smooth vocals. This record is all Anne, she even produced it herself. Heavily rooted in folk, each song is unique and different. Yet, they all belong together.

“Soloworks” is a passionate and from-the-heart message and this is clear from the very beginning. “The record begins with “Seas Will Rise”. This one is as clear and crisp as the early morning. It has a very peaceful beginning, but that doesn’t make it simple or weak. Anne’s voice is so expressive, it seems to reach out, much like the seas she’s referencing. She creates some very powerful harmonies with her voice matched with the violin. Kudos to Anne for such a great opener, as it really grabs the attention of the listener and welcomes them to the twelve tracks that follow.

Those who prefer a bit of technicality, turn your ears to the next song “Pilgrimage to Pushkar”. This one highlights more advanced fiddling, while still keep melodies alive. At times, you may even find a touch of southern twang, but that doesn’t dominate the song by any means. There are some great rhythms that may invoke some involuntarily head bobs.

Some tracks are instrumental, like the third one called “Roro/Sweden Seven”. It’s simplistic, but very moving. However I find that the best tracks are the one that Anne is singing on, like “You Really Got a Hold Me” which is a Motown classic hit. This is perhaps the most memorable vocal performance on the whole record. The violin tone is so warm; this matched with her sweet voice (and just enough vibrato) creates something appealing. Simply put, Anne rocks it on this one!

One last must-hear is “Dogs in the Hollow”. The violin parts are captivating; I could truthfully just listen to this one on repeat. Anne puts an immense amount of technique into this one that might be a bit out of the norm, such as making percussive sounds and strumming it just like a guitar.

With “Soloworks” Anne Lindsay proves to the masses the extent of her musicianship. This record was pieced together so carefully that I honestly can’t make a single complaint. These 13 songs surpass any genre, as they are complex and bring an array of different emotions with them.

While 13 songs can seem like a bit too much, they are not too long in length – the average song is about 4 minutes and the whole record is under an hour. This is the kind of album that you may discover something new about each time you listen to it and to me that makes me appreciate it even more.


Harley Wheatley