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What does Controlled Ciaos sound like? DogHouse Swine would be a great place to start. A three piece band from the New Jersey area who have been together for over 5 years  playing the local music scene. They released their debut album ‘Faster Side Of Normal’, in 2010 under their own imprint label, Banned Records.This band has been compared to Motorhead, The Supersuckers, Buckcherry and even Velvet Revolver.  I would compare them very closely to Indie Band Chigger Red. Both bands are three piece groups and only know one volume level and one speed. It’s all fast and loud. The faster and louder, the better.

The music of DogHouse Swine is heavily riff based with multiple tracks of guitar.  Add the guitar playing over a pounding drum beat and a vocalist who sounds like he is calling the waitress for another round of drink at his table. Although the music feels Punk based there is a solid consideration given to the Rock genre as I hear influences of Billy Gibbons, George Thorogood and even the interplay of AC/DC from time to time.

Having trouble getting to work in the morning? Simply setting your alarm to come on with DogHouse Swine playing and you will never be late for work again. This is full steam ahead with no holes barred. Even at low volumes the guitar riffs and the vocals scream high energy.

In the Studio: This should be simple. Just set all the levels to eleven and record. It’s not that easy actually.

The vocalist and the guitar tracks share the same bandwidth so a great deal of nuances can be lost if attention is not given to all areas of the recording.  It sounded to me like the engineers payed close attention to the most minute detail. Vocals cut though the mix extremely well considering the break neck speed these songs were performed at.

Overall: It’s loud, it’s fast and it’s in your face. No slowing down to catch your breath with DogHouse Swine. The music requires an acquired taste and would not be suitable material to listen to while enjoying a bottle of Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits ($14,742) and a snack of Beaufort D’ ete cheese  ($44.99 per pound). But a bottle Ripple and some bear nuts and call it a date.

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– Charles Harrelson

Overall rating:  3.5/5 Stars