RYAL – Lonely Love 

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Disco Pop music, who would have thought? However, if you do it right you’ll be dancing to this track in no time. Usually Pop can be taken in a direction that far exceeds any radio use, making no lyrical sense and then you are sitting there in your car changing the radio station over and over. A true artist evolves showing off every character and side personality that one can possess. Think Bowie and every direction he has showed off on stage. Ryal is on the same page, between being a business woman to a punk rock chic it is hard to ignore the fact that Ryal knows exactly where she stands. 

Being dubbed ‘pop royalty’ is not just a title you throw out there, someone must earn it. Showing off their talent and how they are able to leave an audience guessing, what will be coming next?

Lonely Love is Ryal newest single and just like her 2014 single ‘City Lives’ a part of herself is so easily recognizable within the track. With this newest release a clearly darker element has taken place. Leading you on to a hollow pointed edge sound… that feels reckless yet so right in the terms of wanting to give you over to music.

It can easily be respected that every musician must entire into that unknown territory when it comes to a certain style of musical genre and not only transform and make it available for this generation; but also making that single break through the curtain of every other song on the Top 40 charts. Once the lyrics towards the end of the track repeat ‘it’s a lonely love’ chills in a way radiate up your spine. Giving way to a truth that shatters the more happy side of the beats playing beneath Ryal vocals. Allowing those words to resonate through until the end, gives us a clear view of how real her words are towards the subject of relationship and a typical kind of love.

Easily this song could be placed in a film soundtrack that could be revolutionary or an indie favorite. Whichever way Ryal decides the go, I’m sure she will have an army of fans dedicated to her sound to keep her in the charts. If not she will become a beloved cult icon that is if she hasn’t already cemented that status as I type this out right now.  

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Rating: 8/10 

– Kristen F.