The Water’s Edge by March to May


March to May formed in the Spring of 2013 as a collaboration between singer/songwriters Darren Guyaz and Beth Wesche. The two musicians combined folk harp, guitar & keyboards with rich vocal harmonies, and they ended up creating a sophisticated sound that speaks to the heart and leaves the listeners astounded and begging for more. They recently put out their first EP The Water’s Edge and it’s a complete masterpiece.

March to May has an amazing selection of songs on their EP The Water’s Edge, but these three are the ones that stood out to me the most, and here is why:

“Embers,” is a slow, heartfelt tune about what seems like a relationship gone south. Beth’s soft sound is beautiful paired with Darren’s deeper vocals. This track has such an angelic sound to it, and listeners can thank the harp for that. The harp along-side Beth’s voice creates such a pretty sound that you want to keep it playing forever.

“Crazy Universe,” is also a slow, personal tune. Darren and Beth sing about over-coming fear and not letting it take over. It starts out were mysteriously and soothing, and gently speeds up as an acoustic guitar is added alongside the harp. These two really extend a positive message onto listeners and that is very important.

“Count The Days,” is a little more upbeat than the first two. It’s calm and soothing yet still has a beat you can dance around the room to. Beth and Darren’s voices harmonize so well together that you have to keep listening. I could play this track all day.

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Beth has such a pretty voice, and I just love listening to her. As well as combined with Darren’s vocals. March to May plays music that would help listeners relax after a rough day at work. Their work make me feel happy, and I think that’s what they are trying to get at. When I listen to them, I want to get up and sing along as I dance around the room. It’s fun and heartfelt music that could make anyone feel connected. I really see the potential in March to May, and I do believe they will see some big stages in the future.


– Michelle Lopez