roadhouse thursdays

Gashouse Radio has found a new home on Thursday nights! Join us at Roadhouse Inn in Levittown, PA every Thursday night for a unique night of live entertainment. Every other Thursday night we are bringing the radio show to the bar. Here’s what you can expect on this LIVE broadcast:


Roadhouse Inn
2200 New Falls Rd
Levittown, PA 19056



swayzeGames / Giveaways: We have a ton of merchandise from the various bands that have visited our studio. We also have tickets to giveaway for various events happening in and around the Philadelphia area. And finally, Roadhouse Inn has some giveaways of their own. Every Thursday night we will be giving these things away to the “live studio audience”.


Artist Spotlight: Each live show we will feature an artist interview and performance. We’ve done this every Thursday night on Gashouse Live for years. Now we’re bringing this same segment out to Roadhouse Inn so that we can include a live audience. This interview and performance will then be made available on-demand via our podcast.


Live Music: In addition to the Artist Spotlight, there will be a shorter acoustic performance in the beginning of the night and at the end of the night. So every Thursday that we are live from Roadhouse Inn, you will get acoustic performances from 3 of the best bands in the Philadelphia area.


Guest Bartenders: We are looking for guest bartenders! We have some interesting contests we’re putting together for our guest bartenders, and that means you can win some serious cash. If you are interested in participating, please email or just come out any Thursday night and talk to Tom behind the bar.


In addition to all of this, we are looking to make Thursday nights at Roadhouse Inn a place for all sorts of creative types to network. If you are looking for help with any sort of project come out on Thursday nights and let us know what you need. We are building a network of artists, marketers, musicians, actors, writers, etc who can help move your project forward no matter what field.


On the Thursdays we’re not live from Roadhouse, we will have a back-line setup and we encourage all performers to come out and jam with some other local talent. Again, this is meant to be a creative networking event every single Thursday night at Roadhouse Inn! Add a couple of free pool tables, and Roadhouse Inn becomes your perfect destination on Thursday nights.