Artist: Sir Ivan

Single & Remixes: Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye


You might well think that synth-led euro-pop has little to do with anti-bullying charities. However, Sir Ivan is committed to proving this wrong. New single ‘Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye’ and the various remixes are designed to not only raise funds but to raise awareness of the worrying trend of exclusionary and violent behaviour by young people. In order to reach the largest audience possible, Sir Ivan has recruited many big name producers to remix the main single, providing listeners with a myriad different styles built around the same thematic core. For those dreaming of Ibiza summers, the main single itself offers soaring synth lines backed by an arsenal of large billowing drums. Taking this as a starting point, the remixes deconstruct and rebuild the track in a variety of images. Ali Dee offers an electro-house alternative, while Ralphi Rosario’s version brings Italian disco influences to the forefront. There are ten remixes in all, providing listeners with the chance to select their favourite and dip in and out of the others. While most charity singles are simply a product to be bought, the care and attention poured into this project speaks of the passion the producers have for the cause. With all of the proceeds going to various anti-bullying charities, listeners certainly get their money’s worth when donating to this cause.

The main vocal line of the song remains one of the only constants throughout the different versions. A male vocal lead with lyrics directly addressing the bullying theme of the project, the sentiments could be considered a little on the nose. The core idea – that the time has arrived to ‘Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye’ – provides a strong hook that could work well in a club environment, but the various verses offer little in the way of memorable lyrical content.

Perhaps the key issue with the track is that the lyrics and the charitable intent of the track loom over the project and dictate all interpretation. Despite the success of the various remixes, it remains at its heart an ideological statement. As praise-worthy as this – and as beneficial as the raised money can be – the track stands or falls on the success of the music. Taken in an objective sense, certain of the remixes – the Bobby Puma track version, for example – offer little in the way of digestible dance music. However, with so much variety among the remixes and a morally praise-worthy goal, listeners are sure to find something they love among the various intricacies of Sir Ivan’s latest project.

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Review by Huw T.