Anthems: A beautiful rendition by Tim Houlihan


Tim Houlihan, is essentially a band that consists of two members, the lead vocalist, Tim Houligan himself and the bass player, Paul Madsen. Tim hails from St. Louis-born, and is a singer and a songwriter, and his songs are said to be drawn from his real life experiences. He currently stays in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and continues to expand his music and its outreach. Anthems is Tim’s first album along with his partner on the bass, Paul Madsen.

So far, he has given performances across the United States and Europe, and been part of gigs small and big. And his experience and proficiency is very much evident from the fact that each song is unique and entails at the same level of rhythm, until the very end. The music is very engaging and doesn’t for one second, catch the monotony road and the keys keep you hooked without your attention wavering.Talking about the thirteen tracks of the album, each track has a perfect title that suits its musical and lyrical content. Apparently, the songs were written and recorded in the southern Portugal and in some subtle way, some of the tracks do invoke the Spanish vibe as it progresses, painting a lovely picture as the songs go on and on.

Although the central of the album, as such remains a little elusive, one cannot deny the fact each song has a theme of its own perfectly captured. And undeniably, each of these tracks impress you and so does the artist with sheer creativity.
The very first track of the album, “Washington Square” shows that the artist knows his music inside and out, and is not afraid of experimenting with it and tweaking the music content. Just like the many tweaks that are observed in the next track, “Thinking About You.” You can also notice that the track “Thinking About You,” which seems like a rather ordinary songs has some rare nuances to it, brought out by the artist’s ability to create and experiment with different styles and notes.
By the time you are done listening to half of the album you notice that there’s magic and beauty associated with every song, you can’t help but ask for more from each track. Especially, when you listen to the track, “Wisdom Tree,” which has rich musical notes compiled together, to give a track that is rather eccentric, in a pleasant way. After listening to the entire album, you can’t help but come to the conclusion that this the best track of the album.

Album Rating: 8/10

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