Desert Dreams by Autopilot

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Autopilot, the indie, alternative rock band, based out of Saskatchewan offers their latest band album, titled ‘Desert Dreams.’

The band has, released their first album in 2007, which was titled ‘Now It’s Time You Know What You’re Losing For,’ produced by Joel Passmore of Rah Rah. ‘Distant Dreams’ is produced by produced, recorded and mixed by S.J. Kardash at Full Color Studios in Saskatoon and mastered by Dave Greenberg at Sonopod Mastering in St. Petersburg, FL. The album contains seven tracks, two of which are title tracks, which have stark differences despite having the same track. The second title track has a darker side to while the first presents a fresh side of the band. Both the tracks are equally good, in their own unique way, as they tell a story of their own. The second track, “Oceanside,” is more or less like the first title track and doesn’t really have the charm to be relished long. Otherwise, the song is well composed and soothing and brings out the theme that the band is trying to portray. The different layers of guitar, and the keys are certainly charming. The band doesn’t seem to be a fan of experimenting, because the next song, “This City,” more or less sounds similar to the previous two tracks and the artists could have used more tweaks, in terms of the music content that they present along with the lyrical content. The band is said to use a bow on the guitar, that seems to pay off well for them, since the music is impeccable and stands out compared to the rest of the elements of the song. The bow on guitar certainly works wonders and enhances the quality of the song.

The vocals in each of the tracks, definitely do stand out and are probably the only other saving grace of the album. The rest of the tracks, like “Battles” and “Crosssing Borderlines” also sound pretty much similar, probably because of the drag in the voice or the tone of the songs being very similar. The band could have definitely worked on that aspect.

The best song of the album is definitely “Desert Dreams” Part II, probably because of the different theme that it explores and shows that the band is capable of variety.

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Rachel Stingley