Jodi Krangle

URL: http://voiceoversandvocals.com/music.php

Time Will Tell is Jodi Krangle’s first solo project, featuring the musical stylings of Chris Conway. Throughout the United States, Canada and Europe she has been performing and assisting on multiple albums with multiple artists. As she branches out with her new album Time Will Tell, we get the chance to experience her rich and sultry voice that takes you back to times when Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, or Judy Garland were in their prime.

“I’ll Be Seeing You” is your first introduction to the sound of Jodi Krangle and if first impressions mean anything, then you’ll be immediately impressed by her full and engaging voice. The piano is very delicate adding dimension and evoking sentimental emotion. The only drawback to this piece is that it has a striking resemblance to “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” which takes away from the originality of the Billie Holiday Version of this song.

“Starting Over” and “The Water is Wide” have the ultimate jazz sound but I was a little disappointed in the lack of range. I would love to hear what she can do when she really lets go and slips in a few power notes. Her voice is indeed engaging but it all sounds very similar and mellow to a point where you start to lose interest. A few moments of surprise would do these songs wonders but you cannot deny her ability to hold and sustain a gorgeous vibrato.

My absolute favorite song is “The Lady”. This song is gripping and dynamic with an almost ominous feel that adds a depth that is chilling. “Time Will Tell” has a nice upbeat tempo and changes things up a bit but “Motherless Child” was definitely a favorite and makes you feel as though you’re sitting in a very classy piano bar smack dab in the middle of New Orleans.

Overall, the album claims to cover a wide range of genres and a variety of vocal styles but I found that it was just a lot of the same. I really would have like to hear a larger range in the vocals. Jodi’s voice is definitely soft and beautiful and what you would expect for this style of music but I feel as though there were definite opportunities to open up her voice a bit and really showcase her vocal talent. However, it is a beautiful album with obvious talent not only in the primary vocals but in the back-up vocals and piano accompaniment. I would have to rate this album at a 7 out of 10. There’s so much beauty and depth in this album but a few missed opportunities to make it go from great to spectacular.

Review by Amber Lien