I don’t often have TV show recommendations on the show, but this week I had to mention Sense 8.

Sense 8 follows 8 people from around the world who are connected by their thoughts. They can access each other’s feelings, skills, intellect, etc, only they don’t realize who they are contacting, or how. Each of the 8 characters have a unique set of skills that will help them at some point in the story. Throughout the series we learn about how these characters are connected, and who is trying to capture them.

This Netflix original series is brought ot you by the creators of The Matrix; the Wachowski Brothers; well technically brother and sister. One of the 2 Wachowski’s (formerly Larry Wachowski) completed gender reassignment a few years ago becoming Lana Wachowski. The reason I mention this is because Sense 8 aims to explore subjects that its writers felt science fiction shows, at least ostensibly, tend to ignore or skim through such as politics, identity, sexuality, gender and religion. One of the main characters is a transgender, and these issues are explored throughout the series.

Sense 8 is another great Netflix original release, and I’m really looking forward to season 2.