CeeLo Green “Robin Williams” Interactive Lyric Video


Not too many “stars” have fallen as hard as CeeLo Green. When Gnarls Barkley hit, CeeLo was on top of the world. His music was really good, really catchy, and just about everyone loved him.


I’m not sure if it was when he started dressing like a clown on The Voice, or when he allegedly started drugging women and then sexually assaulting them, but at some point CeeLo fell on hard times. He disappeared, which is the only way to handle that situation really.


Well now CeeLo is back with an “interactive” video for a song about Robin Williams? This song is terrible. Its not catchy at all. I’m not sure what this song is trying to say, but it is weak. And the video is not that creative, and certainly not that interactive. Why am I looking at a blurry screen of someone googlng things really fast? And what makes it interactive is the fact that I can switch between google search, google image search, google shopping search, etc. Big deal. I didnt want to watch the first version, why do I want to switch between other versions of a crappy video.


Nice try CeeLo, but this is just shit. Leave the interactive videos to Jack White.