August 3, 2015

If Frank Zappa, Prince, and members of Funkadelic decided to get together to write an album, it would probably sound like our featured band this week- Johnny Showcase

Originally hatched from the brain of theater artist/musician David Sweeny, Johnny Showcase is an 8-piece underground legend based in our very own Philadelphia. Blurring the lines between performance art and psychedelic soul revival, Johnny Showcase is not only a band but an experience. Cabaret, absurd comedy, and infectious funk led by a sweaty, charismatic showman from Rhode Island who tries just a little too hard to be sexy. Surrounding him is a spiritual advisor named Rumi Kitchen (Michael Baker of The Spinning Leaves), two vocalists collectively named The Truth (Adrienne Mackey and Liz Filios), and a back-up band entitled The Mystic Ticket. Confused? Don’t be. Remember, these people are amazing performers with one million alter egos.

Johnny Showcase’s music catalogue (Love is the Message, Mystic Ticket I: The Pump Fake) is available for free streaming and download on Bandcamp and Facebook. Check out for more goodies.

Don’t miss Friday August 7th at Connie’s Ric Rac for Johnny Showcase’s Funky Family BBQ with OOLALA, and David Fantasy & Adult Content. Tune in all this week to hear Johnny Showcase in heavy rotation. You can catch a track at the beginning of every Gashouse Live (Tuesday/Thursday 7pm ET). If you like (or hate) what you hear, please share your opinion by using the thumbs up/down buttons!