Gashouse Radio is flooded with new music every single day. We try and present as much of it as we can to our audience. Our audience, in turn, lets us know what they like and do not like using the thumbs up/down buttons in the sidebar, and on our mobile app.

We keep track of all those votes to determine what songs end up in regular rotation. We also play the 10 highest voted songs everyday at 6pm ET. At the end of each month, we post the highest voted songs, and here are the top 10 songs of July:

kenny fame 1. We Came To Play – Kenny Fame

2. Severe Case of Poker Face – The Bliss Trip

3. Lose My Mind – Chris Gennett

4. Apples – Eric and Aaron

5. See Her Again – The Keystones

6. A New Rudy – Fink’s Constant

7. Roll Off My Shoulders – Honey Spot Blvd

8. Child Of The Night – The Wyle Band

9. Keep It Wild – Fractured Vision

10. I Only Like You When I’m Drunk – Dr. Beardface and The Spaceman

The Top 10 songs of July will be in heavy rotation, so be sure to tune in all day long to Gashouse Radio. You can also request songs at certain tmes of the day using our auto-request feature. Thank you for all your support!