URL:  https://loosebolts.bandcamp.com/releases

From Pensacola, FL comes Alt-Folk rocker Ian Gomez, known as Loose Bolts who just released his latest “Discontent” EP in 2015. Loose Bolts is comprised of Ian Gomez. In his own words: What these songs represent most to me is a coming of age and a changing of times. All of them were written over the span of about a year and were recorded in the span of about 3-4 months. If you’re reading this, I hope you can relate or at least appreciate the sentiments in some of these songs. If not, this could get a little awkward…

Right from the start it might be easy to just categorize Gomez as some odd sounding psychedelic Folk-Rock artist or write him off as the newest faddish thing trending around Pensacola. It wouldn’t be wise, though. Just listen to a few notable standout songs within this 4 song line-up like (Discontent) (Liability) and you will hear why Gomez is surging around Pensacola. Indeed there’s much that lies beneath the surface of these songs and no doubt there’s a method to his madness. First: there are some really emotionally charged pieces on this EP that really step outside the traditional musical boundaries on the Radio right now. Second: Loose Bolts have an infectious College Rock sound that is compatible to Radio airplay. Third: It’s nice to know good songwriting and emotional singing/writing that lets it all hang out. All of the above enhances the listening experience for me rather than limit it. Gomez is obviously experienced at performing and writing powerful music, but it’s the combination of all of the above him so deadly. Let’s just say Gomez is one guy not afraid to take serious chances with his music. On this EP you will hear straight up College Rock, Alternative Folk and Psychedelic Rock. Here the true genius of Loose Bolts really shines through via a highly diversified collection of music. Gomez is a great front man but he’s no one trick pony either. He’s also and good guitarist and effective vocalist/songwriter. I really like the well placed harmonies and the vocal risks he takes with his music. Perhaps all this and more that is why Loose Bolts is on our Radar screens in the first place. Forgive me if I’m talking in circles – but some bands and artists can deliver music that’s pretty conservative and painfully simple. Then there are other musicians who will go down a much different path and deliver music that shines bright like a priceless diamond amongst the lackluster. In lieu of this fascinating 5 track EP by the Loose Bolts via addictive musical personality and impressive string of songs it almost feels as if Gomez is on to something special. This “Loose Bolts” is a one of a kind EP that’s closely tied to classic alternative and psychedelic music that millions love. I hate to pigeonhole but I can hear a Blind Melon, Jane’s Addiction, The 1975 and The Neighborhood.

Criticism: All songs over 3.5 minutes tend to drag you to the finish line. I did detect a few very minor timing flaws between the drums and the rest of the instrumentation. I also typically debut 1 star for EP releases. The full length CD is the most complete vantage point to judge an artists by at any given moment in time.

It’s true that many bands/artists start off sounding like another act in some way, shape of form only to develop a trademark sound later in order to get their career moving. Additionally some bands need future releases to demonstrate more in the way of musical molding or identity developing as all artists have to start somewhere. Having said that Loose Bolts don’t need any of that BS! Their sound is already there! It is 100% real.

Score: 3.5/5

Andrew Perryman