Each month, Gashouse Radio debuts about 25-30 new bands. Whenever a song is played on Gashouse Radio, our listeners use the thumbs up/down buttons to let us know which songs they like. Those “votes” are tallied and they determine which of these new bands stay in regular rotation.

We also use these “votes” to determine our daily Top 10 Countdown show which airs everyday at 6pm ET. While this daily show highlights the current listener favorites, we wanted to take a look back to see which songs seemed to resonate best with our audience across the entire month of September. So here are the top 10 songs of September:

the good mess 1. Nice And Tall – The Good Mess

2. The Menstruating Angel and the Snoring Hummingbird – Tusko Fatale

3. Something Beautiful – Fiona MacMahon

4. Nearsighted – Ten Cent Days

5. TUNGUSKA / After Party Blues – Stereoma

6. Get Over Yourself – Melissa Weinstein

7. Figure It Out For Yourself – Turnpike Gardens

8. Promenade – The Kickstand Band

9. I Wasn’t Born an Angel – RJ Comer

10. I’d Like To Say I Miss You – Skyline Sounds

Congrats to The Good Mess for having the highest voted song in the month! Visit them at www.thegoodmess.com, and be sure to request all of these songs at www.gashouseradio.com/request!