Highland Kites – All We Left Behind

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Highland Kites first full-length album, “All We Left Behind,” kicks off with an expertly produced acoustic & clean lead guitar combo on “Small Frame,” arguably the best song on the album. The intro quickly weaves quickly into SoCal native singer Marissa Lamar’s first poetic turn of phrase “I’m more than just a small frame, left to be tamed.” The clean and crisp verse that follows leads into a somewhat ethereal and wide open chorus;  “I’m only human on the outside.” Brilliant.

“All We Left Behind” is a somewhat slow moving, yet reflective work of art. Generally speaking, the album is largely composed of songs with simple yet delicately balanced instrument arrangements against the poetic content of the piece. The album seems to flow along in it’s own direction which at times feels somewhat fleeting yet retains its sense of purpose.

With its simple piano and acoustic arrangements supporting some beautifully executed vocal melodies, “All We Left Behind” leaves the listener with conflicting feelings of both sadness and hope. The earthy nature of the album lends itself well to the sometimes existential content meandering its way through it.

While the album can feel just a bit repetitive at times, there is enough variation from song to song to keep the listener engaged. “All We Left Behind” is an exquisite listening experience that has quite a stick-to-it-iveness about it.


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Reviewed by Tyler Torrens