The Radio Hour

Primary URL: http://theradiohour.com/

The Radio Hour’s consists of Tim Hort on vocals and guitar, with guitarist and collaborators Joe Griffin and Jordan Maracus, Nathan Britsch on bass, Sean Burke on drums, Andy Swindler and Yeater on B3. Hort himself does charities and theater work.

“Radio Power” features some great guitar, vocal, keyboard and percussion work, and can be found on iTunes. But this is something that would do well on vinyl and in stores as well as the digital market. “Tuesday” is a melancholy but for the most part upbeat track with a lot going for it, a nice little gem This is a fun loving tune with a skip along beat that keeps up throughout the song. A very modern accessible piece of music that wouldn’t sound out of place on the radio. If I had to pick one song here it would be this one by a couple of notches, as it contains some of the best work. I also like the pace of “Rollercoaster,” as it tends to grow on me, even though it is a slow ride, it’s an overall good one. “World In A Day” is a tell-tale track with some great lyrics, as Hort gets emotionally down to business, showing his deep side. The guitar lines are great hear and the drums spooky. All in all this is an epic track, it wins the whole game for me. There are some other tracks that go the distance and ones that don’t, making it a little on the inconsistent side, but what works, works so well it doesn’t matter, and this track is one of them. It’s great. My second favorite would have to be “Look For You.” It is one of the better songs here as well, with a dance groove, but it still rocks, as The Radio Hour prove they can do that and then some. These are all surrounded by tracks such as “Heartbreaks And Slamming Doors,” another one worth nothing, as well as “Not Ready” and “Friday Night.” This is a cool release with a theatrical feel to some of it, which you either like or you don’t.

Scott Prinzing


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