VITNE – Endless Blue (EP)

BANDCAMP: https://vitne.bandcamp.com/

This 4 member rock band from Norway led by VITNE (Joseph Kimbrell) recently released his latest 6 song EP entitled Endless Blue 2015. From the first notes of “Rain of Hope” trough to the final winding twists and turns of “The Ocean” this release fires on all cylinders. In contrast an artist like VITNE who looks like a modern day version of Jim Morrison if you ask me, deliver an incredibly balanced blend of Heavy Rock, Punk and just a dash of Alternative Rock.

Band members include: Vitne: Lead and backing vocals, flute, guitars, bass, synth, Julian Angel: Lead guitar, Phil Robertson: Drums on “Misery” and “The Ocean”,, Matthew Sean Reynolds: Drums on “Endless Blue”

In this aspect Kimbrell and company have much in the way of promise and marketability especially to cult fans like Soul Coughing, Oleander, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam and even Screaming Trees. This 6 Track EP provides 6 intriguing musical stepping stones and boldly showcase better than average musicianship with no illusions, or farces. This is real and genuine rock n’ roll musical expressionism folks! All tracks are powerful, melodic and highly entertaining. Which doesn’t even begin to describe the inducing vocal presence of front man like VITNE. This guy is a musical triple threat in my mind. He’s got the look, he can play guitar, flute, bass, synth, and he’s an impassioned singer/songwriter. Like I had mentioned its impressive how well MBOP have combined heavy, punk rock with alt-rock balladry. What’s more I didn’t fail to notice deep, soulful vocals and emotive lyrics perhaps influenced by Nick Cave. I loved the red hot solo guitar as well. To me VITNE’s sound is hard to pin down but to me sounds most like Kaiser Chiefs. Kimbrell is a captivating composer and singer/guitarist within his own right. Some songs on this latest release seem painfully simple yet not to be underestimated “Serenity” and “HImitsu, Village of the Sea” Some songs know a sure direction delivering the A-Typical Rock flair “Misery” However some pieces dig a bit deeper are even dark and boldly honest: Either way this CD by VITNE is a red hot pick up. – but may not be for everyone. Despite this not so-corporate approach VITNE will appeal to old school rock fans mostly who liked music say 10-15 years ago. In this aspect it’s not as marketable as some of the music around right now – but who cares. I doubt the Maroon 5 people will be flocking to their shows, but who freaking cares! A million of so disgruntled rock fans will probably beat them up on their way to a VITNE show anyway right?

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/VITNEOfficial/ 

Aaron Strauss