Chloe Collins


This is singer/songwriter, Chloe Collins. She took to the guitar quickly and in just a few weeks was singing and learning to play songs by her idols like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry. Soon Chloe started writing songs, and then started performing at talent shows and coffee houses. Chloe now has a new EP of 5 songs entitled “5 @15.” Also, one of Chloe’s earlier songs entitled “I’ve Had Enough” was recently used in the ABC/Family TV show “The Vineyard” and “Upside Down” was used in a national in-store campaign. Such campaigns are vital and important to exposing artists young and old, but Chloe is only 15, with her whole life ahead of her, and if this isn’t a great way to start, nothing is.

The record starts in epic fashion with the well written and performed “All Over Again” which provides a lighthearted semi-ballad with some playful lyrics about repeating a fine time spent together. It’s all very innocent but insightful with a sassy twist. The song follows a narrative vocal that demands the ears attention with a soothing tone that manages to take you to the right place. It’s that good. One listen and I liked her voice, the rest is pretty much gravy, as this track encompasses everything it can to establish her talent, and delivers with flying colors. This is the right way to lead off an EP, with absolute pop joy, complete with a realistic attitude.

“Rearview Mirror” is more of the same with a little less in the songwriting department but more in the area of overall performance, as this track in all its meaning, is much more about her vocal chops than the former, bringing both together as good examples of her abilities. This is very country style but retains the pop sensibilities of the previous track with some kind of magical effort. This comes in as good as the opener but doesn’t lose the progression from it in the process. It’s either an accident or a very well balanced mixture of two different speeds of pop, with their respective flavors colliding. And collide they do with a jubilant result.

“Forget Your Name’ is where things get undeniably awesome with a big sound that peaks at about the middle of the disc. This is the most countrified pop track on offer, and where the talents of Chloe prove to be of the multi variety. This is where you fall for her voice and it stays with you. She is all over this with a beautiful rawness that could’ve easily been mixed out, but I’m glad they left it warts and all. However, it’s probably the only track that also loses a point, with a more or less demo sound.

Everything else to be found on the record is in here, just missing the gloss of the opener, closer and in-between moments. This is a combo of ups and downs, but the only spot where things slow the flow down in every way. Still an excellent track with yet another great vocal performance. And even though the track is musically light, it does pick up in the right parts, to say all that can be said about it.

These are all catchy pop style tunes with both country and rock flavors to balance it out. Leading up to the final piece called “New Nightmares,’ and it’s a departure from the others but holds the same qualities at a different speed and mood altogether. This is probably my favorite track on the release. It’s darker and more complex, driven by a beat that threatens to take it to the dancefloor, and not at the country club. Think if country went goth, this is what it might sound like.

The vocals are at their sassy best, and this track even sounds influenced by the likes of late Duran Duran, with some inflections of electronica, flirting with danceable vocal textures. This has the whole EP closing on a high note for sure, taking it out with as good of a number it comes in with.

There is not one number of filler on this EP, it’s packing the punch of an entire album, which to anyone reading it should be a thing of encouragement to push for a full record from her, hoping the next one brings at least twice as many songs, which being an EP is the only thing I can shave. You would never know Chloe was only 15 here if you weren’t told, but it’s also great in the younger sounding tracks. This is an artist that will go far, I just feel it all over this EP.

John O’Flaherty