Kinderjazz – Teddy Bear’s Picnic

URL: http://www.kinderjazz.com/christobel.html

Raising kids (or spending time with grandkids) it becomes obvious that children love to listen to the same music over and over again. That can be pretty hard to take as an adult. This is an album that should have a lot of appeal to grown ups, too, though. That makes it easier to take when you have to hear it so many times. This is big band music, but there is more here, too.

“Arabella” is sure to catch the attention of kids. It’s fun and seems to entice the listener to get involved. Even the adults are likely to get drawn into it. The little girl at the end who says, “that’s me,” sounds so cute. Next comes the instrumental title track. I guess kids of the 1940s might have danced to this kind of music. I don’t know how well it will speak to the children of today. It has a lot of get up and go. It just seems a little dated to me.

“In the Micro Aykho” has a Latin sound to it. It’s fun, but I don’t really like some of the vocals on this song. It doesn’t really matter what the grown ups think, though. The little ones will probably get up and dance around to this. I don’t really like the vocals on “Razzmatazz,” either. I’m guessing that children will like it, though. It’s kind of a strange song. It has bits of jokes. It has music. It’s playful.

The vocals on “Do the Latin Alphabet” are better. They are still the kind of thing that kids will find fun. The song is Latin in feel. This is the kind of thing that will entertain and educate kids, but still work for the parents (and grandparents). The vocals seem to struggle a little on “Homework Blues,” too. The whole thing, though, should be a lot of fun for kids. How many kids long for the days of no homework? This has to speak to them for sure.

Next comes “Fantabulous.” On the one hand, I don’t know how educational it is to have kids singing a made-up word like it’s real. Then again, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! This is a lot of fun, though. There isn’t all that much of a song on “You Can’t Stop the Music.” Still, it’s catchy and fun. A big band romp without any vocals, “What’s Cooking Double Booking?” is fun. I’m not sure if the kids will like it as much as the grown ups do, though.

“Potato Salad” isn’t really a song. That’s because there is no music, and all the vocals are spoken, not sung. It is a fun kids’ story with a lot of rhyming and a moral. “Signals from Outer Space” is sort of a theatrical piece. It has various voices playing different characters. There is only a little bit of incidental music built into the plot of the story. Kids are sure to love this little play.

Diane Hill