Gashouse Radio is all about discovering new, independent music. More importantly, we like finding great independent music which is obviously subjective. So we ask our listeners to help us pick the best of the new music using the thumbs up/down buttons on our now-playing page. As a listener you can “vote” on every song you hear. We keep track of those “votes” and that determines airplay.


Here’s a look at the Top 10 Songs of November, 2015:

blabpipe1. Fold Me Blabpipe

2. Nice And Tall The Good Mess

3. Movement Stereoma

4. Walk Away The Bone Chimes

5. New day Liber Electro

6. Through Your Eyes Michael Jayson

7. Find Someone Taking October

8. Turnstyle Blue Ribbon

9. One Plug In The Wall The Hawkeyes

10. Ether Talking Under Water

If you’d like to check out these tunes, simply go to our Request Page, and type them in. They will auto-queue and you’ll get to sample some of the best new music on Gashouse Radio!