Dream Eternal Bliss


Let’s face it, one of the decades that have influenced today’s music has been the 80s, from the EDM to the Alternative – it was a great time in music. The following band, known as Dream Eternal Bliss, though was influenced by a style that sadly isn’t as popular as it should: progressive rock.

Their self-titled record is an album that dives between the new wave/synthpop of Duran Duran and the progressive sound of Rush. It’s an album that takes you back to the golden days of music when humans used to rule over machines and not the other way around, the way each song has been conceived and produced feels like you are listening to a record that was done back in the days and not the past year. As expected, the synthesizer is the star of the album. Days Before Tomorrow’s founder Scott Kahn eerie effects or haunting atmosphere gives such an awesome touch to every track. Of course, another element that is so essential on this particular genre is a powerful and unique vocalist and this is where Carrie Edwards steps in as she brings her theatrical (no surprise there as she actually has more of a theater background) and crispy vocals reminiscent of icons like Stevie Nick and Cindy Lauper, something that match perfectly with the sound of the band. What makes this record a never boring journey is how eclectic it is, from the somehow funky and upbeat “Don’t Stop” to the alternative “Die and Learn”, every song has their own “signature”, something that’s so hard to find on many albums today.

The low point for me comes at the very beginning with their single “This Time”, the music is very loud and powerful but sadly I felt Edwards couldn’t handle with such a big song, from losing her breath and what’s up with that weird effect that sounded like auto-tune or something? Like I mentioned before she’s an amazing vocalist and this song really made no justice to her.

Wrapping up, this is perhaps one of the greatest records I have heard on this year. Not only the album plays tribute to some of the most awesome bands ever to step up in a stage, but the Dream Eternal Bliss finds the way to not drown themselves into comparison and come out to surface as an original act.

Rating: 8.5/10

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by RJ Frometa