Monique Angele


With a new EP out and titled ‘Answers’, Monique Angele surely does not waste time when it comes to attracting in an audience. The concept of combining a Classical element (in this case piano) with an Alternative/Pop vocal range can go two ways. Horribly wrong or graciously magnificent. Thankfully Monique Angele has conquered a realm of musicianship that will not easily end up as a one-hit wonder or a lucky streak. But a hard earned spot as a true talent.

As the EP ‘Answers’ unfolds…it seems effortless as each track fades in and fades out. Actually Monique seems to have created a type of live album that flows as liquid and straightforwardly casts a glow of know-how as a singer-songwriter. Having an individual coming off as secure in their venture into music is a much needed welcome.

From the second track ‘Mirrors’ to ‘You Know’ a phantom elegance branches from the lyrical content. One would want to say a “haunting” however, Monique Angele gives off a slight sinister approach that brands an overcast of the traditional “haunted” factor. More or so the right word would be a spectre of a composition of the song. Showing an entirely different route, kind of like Vanessa Carlton but with less of a Pop vibe and more of an Alternative outlook.

Take the first track ‘Answers’ where a repetitive tone is played over and over again. Once in a higher melody and then back down a few steps. One is given a cascading avenue of emotions. Then half-way through, add in a voice overlay that helps Monique Angele to build a suspense of vocal ranges. ‘Answers’ is the perfect song to balance this short EP.

Now for the last track ‘Complete’ where the Pop attraction comes out. A higher energy is expressed throughout the song, throwing out a happy go lucky addition that was missing from the EP. Without ‘Complete’ this EP would have been another overly serious singer-songwriter that could not find a variety in the valleys and peaks a EP can offer.

Overall with only four songs, each song over the 3:40 mark and delightfully unveils a story based around the playing of a piano. People forget that the piano can be a powerful instrument, changing from one extreme to the next as well as throwing out emotive explanations without saying a word.

Now days we don’t hear of too many female singer-songwriters that are willing to cross over a classical/alternative/pop component. Unless you are Lady Gaga…but that is for a different time and day. The principal key here is that Monique Angele has uncovered a missing link. Instead of purely being one expectation, Monique has by far entrusted the spotlight towards her voice and unique pianist ability to build a foundation that will not disappoint.

At times you may think that you are listening to someone else when in reality Monique does not hesitate to change up a chorus line, express a verse with more heart and soul or simply weaving her vocal tones throughout those piano keys. Without a doubt ‘Answers’ certainly has a few answers you may have been looking forward to.


Review by Kristen Fisher