Corinne Cook – Dressed Up For Goodbye


Corinne Cook’s new album, Dressed Up For Goodbye is a beautifully written and well sung album that conveys various emotions through its music. The album brings out emotions that are hidden in the deep through its powerful lyrics and melodious instruments. The genre of this album is country and there are twelve charming songs lined up in the album.

The first song in the album is Little Miss Understanding. It has a very catchy chorus that will have you singing along in no time. It portrays a woman’s strength and confidence through the lyrics. Funky guitar chords make the song lively and fun. Who has a slow, melodious start that picks up very soon. A melancholy melody with a nice beat; making it both sad because of the lyrics and lively because of the guitar and the drums. It has a nice fade out at the end. Dressed Up For Goodbye, on the other hand, is a heartbreaking song that brings tears to the eyes. The track has a steady beat that picks up at the chorus, making the song very pleasing to the ear. Her high notes and voice modulation draw you into the song. Long Before Goodbye is another sad number that will have your eyes well up with tears. It’s soft, melancholy and melodious. It is the perfect song for a slow night.

The fourth song in the album, ‘He Loves Her Like Crazy’, can paint you a picture of life. It is a sweet yet painful song that portrays the ups and downs of relationships. It features melodious instruments that combine with a strong lead vocal. Dirty Little Secret has a funky tune that will make your feet move to the beat. It is a song that lightens the mood and is easy on the ears. It features strong vocals that will have you singing along.

I Don’t has a powerful yet melodious piano that sets the stage at the beginning of the song, carries all the way through the song to the end. Strong female vocals accompanied by male vocals (Paul Scott) gives a beautiful blend of pitches and notes. The band version of the song has more instruments added to it that makes it even more melodious and powerful.

Fall Apart has the perfect blend of instruments that will make your body sway to the rhythm. It’s soft music with powerful lyrics that can make you think about life. The instrumentals between the lyrics are engaging and melodious. Turning Off The World is a steady paced song that is an easy listen. The song can roll on with its vocals and sweet rhythm.

Lord Have Mercy is a slow yet melodious song that picks up at the chorus. It can kinder your spirituality and humanity through its lyrics. It can make you nostalgic with its lyrics. The guitars stand out from all the instruments in Cowboy as they strum all the way from the beginning to the end. It is a steady song that picks up well at the chorus.

So, on the whole, Dressed Up For Goodbye is a must listen album for country lovers. It can make you feel different emotions through its diverse songs. Corrine Cook’s voice is strong and powerful with voice modulations that can really change the pace of songs. These songs can make you want to jump up and dance or even sit in a corner and cry. The album is varied but each piece is priceless.


Overall rating: 7.5/10

Thomas Davidson