Corvaa drops hot new single


We’ll start off with a question. What do you get when you mix a redhead and amazing vocal? Don’t know? Well you get this girl by the name of Corvaa. Born in Greece and raised in New York this girl started actively creating music in 2013. With her love for music she did all kinds of recordings, but mainly recording on her cell phone which is pretty impressive given the fact that those kinds of recordings are pretty raw. And still she managed to attract attention even with those raw cut tracks. Quickly gaining followers on SoundCloud and other social networks, till this day she has expanded quite a bit. With her mindset of “everything is possible” she gathered a group of people and formed a team. After the forming of the Corvaa family she released her first EP. Grooving her sweet vocals over some heavy punch beats she is starting to form her own style. Mixing genres like House/Pop/Dance she has stormed the stages with some powerful energy, earning her the chameleon vocalist trait because of her vocal capabilities. With some awesome stuff lined up in 2016 Corvaa keeps pushing her name out there, next up for her is the making of her first music video. This girl doesn’t stop. Her dream will end only when her passion fades. But firstly let speak about her latest released single “Zipper”. Well in all honesty we all know what the song is about. About some cool zippers of course. Yeah well no. Actually it is about that sweet place every man wants to get. That is every heterosexual man. Pouring her vocal over a simple spacey harmony she invites you to pull her zipper. Of course in a downward direction and maybe after that you can take some pictures or something like that. Yeah joke aside the lyrics are quite transparent. Singing about some downtime with her man, there is not much that can be said. Well one part is interesting, she says she loves her that heavy pumping stupid bass, and guess what? I’m a bass player and I can surely provide her with some pumping bass for sure. Another joke aside, this song surely intends to rouse some emotions in a man. You now one minute you are partying and taking shoots and next one when this song comes on you start pulling zippers on some hot ladies with you testosterone levels going of the charts. Well I imagine that’s how it works. This is in my opinion a strong dance track with a lot of potential. With the heavy thumb bass and some simple effective melody this track finds its place in a DJs playlist. The production is quite good, the vocals are clear as day and they fit perfectly with the spacey sound. With that party dance vibe the track is awesome for getting your mind blasted on some beach. So all in all it’s a good track to have on your dance playlist. Yeah and don’t forget to shut the lights.


Uros Stankovic