Version 5 – Take you There

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While reviewing “Take You There” by “Version 5”, I was definitely reminded of several artists/bands I grew up listening to throughout the 90s and 00s. Their overall style has a balanced mixture of alternative rock and electronic, which are two genre of music I have always had an affinity for. The three tracks on “Take You There” are titled “Why Don’t You Drop”, “Bury You”, and “Take You There”.

From the very opening, four other bands I’ve always been quite fond of almost immediately popped into my head, and I’d be pretty surprised if none of them were an inspiration for the members of “Version 5”. They include “NIN (Nine Inch Nails)”, “POD (Payable On Death)”, “Cage the Elephant”, “Rammstein”, and “Filter”. If you enjoy any one of these artists’ music, I’d highly recommend checking them out.

The track titled “Why Don’t You Drop”, and the first on their playlist, starts with what I believe is a bass riff which has a loose sounding funky southern-twang feel to it. This is the part which had reminded me of “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by “Cage the Elephant”. I particularly enjoyed their usage of electronic elements which were seamlessly woven into this track. For this reason and more, I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish of “Why Don’t You Drop”, and also see myself listening to it again in the near future.

“Bury You” was the second title and sounded rather different than the first. That’s a big deal to me since I typically become bored very easily when musicality becomes repetitive, because variation in life just keeps things much more interesting, wouldn’t you say? I was reminded strongly of NIN and Rammstein throughout the duration of “Bury You”. The electronic aspects used were similar to those of NIN’s style, however the guitar riff towards the beginning is heavy and screams of “Du Hast” by “Rammstein”. “Bury You” gave me a feeling of nostalgia in a way because I hadn’t thought of those two bands in quite some time, and in a way hearing this track took me back to my high school years when I listened to “NIN” and “Rammstein” constantly.

Last, though certainly not least, “Take You There” is the final track which wraps up “Version 5’s” album. Out of the three songs, this one was the most upbeat, particularly at the chorus. I was reminded of “POD” and “Filter” and found this to be my favorite track out of the three. Once again “Versions 5” did a remarkable job in switching up the musicality, thus keeping me completely entertained.

It’s nothing short of remarkable when an artist has the ability to create music in such a way that it keeps your attention, and also causes you to pursue more of their music in the years to come. For me… “Version 5” is undoubtedly one of those standout artists. I can foresee huge opportunities in the near future for the members of the band, especially if they continue producing this level of high quality music.

Rating: 10/10

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Jason Ryan Jones