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Taking “Hold On Me” from the pick of three singles this year in the shape of the very popular “XTC” to his first single “Whistling Your Name” is hard without mentioning them all. Cadence Kid is an aspiring artist with a lot of talent behind him working with orchestras and other complex arrangements in the past. Deciding to break for some solo material is a good idea by now. I like this enough to give it a solid thumbs up but not before pointing out a few things about it and the artist. “Hold On Me” released June 3rd, 2016, it is a fresh cut that doesn’t surpass his other two tracks but instead compliments them. And it was cool to hear and compare them, but they also aren’t very far apart. The music on the track features so many instruments I can’t hardly make out which is which but no problem knowing who’s playing what, as he obviously manages to do it all with Violin, viola, erhu, flute, recorder, trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukelele, harmonica and piano. And that is impressive in its own right, there is no question about that. But I’d also like to hear some separation as well, by producer Cassidy Turbin. The track also features some background vocals from an artist called “Boardwalk,” but I can’t only convey that, rather than making it out. But back to producer Cassidy, it sounds like he had his work cut out for him in blending all of this track together.

These days producers can be placed high upon a recording’s credit list but it doesn’t mean the public can always process exactly what it is they have to do. He pulled it off with ease but who knows how hard it was because he made it sound easy. That’s the magic they either have or don’t, from project to project. But I like the outcome enough here to say no way he ruined anything whatsoever. He’s an award winning producer so he gets his due mention here as well. Cadence has his music placed on the usual digital platforms, so he can be found there in both audio and video form, as I proceeded to scour once I got wind of him. If you like your pop light and fluffy but with a lot of substance behind it, this is for you. It even has much crossover appeal and so do his other singles. But these categories do exist and he does stay well within the boundaries of them.

You can just tell there is more to him that these solo pieces. So, his whole background could use your attention to help expose some more of what he’s been up to, similar to his solo work or not. I am of the opinion he can go far as a solo artist, but times tells all, and if he continues to make solo efforts, it’s a no-brainer to me that he’ll break out well. It always helps to work with the best in the business, and he’s surrounded himself with that for the most part, so for that he also deserves looking into. That’s a lot of reasons to seek this single out and give the Kid some of your time.

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SP Clarke

Score: 5/5