Nick Dakota – Vision

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For a very long time I’ve been trying to figure out when exactly did Country turned into such a popular genre and alongside EDM music, has become the defined sound of the new millennium. Perhaps that’s been the case for a long while and maybe in the past few years since I started working on my own magazine and my musical mind has been wide opened finally I’ve come to notice OR, maybe Mrs. Swift opened the gate and played an important role (if not the biggest) on this sudden popularity. Whatever be the case, more and more artists from all around the world have been playing with the genre both in a traditional way while others bring out their own touch. The latter is the case of Nick Dakota who jumps in the wagon of wannabe rockstars that in their journey to success have stopped in the southern city of Nashville, TN and realized they could blend both rock and country together and the rest is history.

Vision kicks off with “Sledgehammer” and immediately you know you are in for a fun ride with its honky intro that spreads throughout the entire song seasoned with some old school Country vocals. “How Cool Is That” changes its tempo for something more, say, alternative and a sound reminiscent of artists like Brad Paisley. Robyn Robins talent can be felt throughout the entire production, the music and the approach while not completely original has some really cool elements that helps Nick somehow stand out from the rest. There’s a big potential and if he keeps on the right track he would soon be filling big stages. Rumors also has it that he is currently working on a new material and something tells me with Vision we’re just getting a sneak peek of what’s coming up next and if I am right we would be looking forward to one of the greatest Country album of 2016.

But here’s the thing – in a market and overall industry where every day we get dozens, if not hundreds, of musicians hoping to break through, when you are an artist like Nick who sings about what pretty everyone sings these days, you would need a hell out of luck to make it. I really hope as he mature as an artist he can leave all the trivial things behind and write down some deep and meaningful lyrics. There’s the talent, charisma and the potential but I am afraid if he keeps playing the same stuff and do not evolve as a musician, he would get stuck and that’s the worst thing it could happen to any artist in any field, call it music or acting.

Overall, the two track EP has its charm and brings out some cool things to the table and I really hope we can hear more from Nick Dakota in the future. I believe this is the beginning and if he takes any of my advise he would be unstoppable if not iconic.

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Rating: 8/10

by RJ Frometa