The Spiders – Election Day (Single)

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So either you are an US citizen or not, you are more than likely aware of this year’s Presidential Election and I got to say, having watched tons of documentaries from the 50s to this day, if I am not mistake this gotta be one of the wildest and most controversial America AND the world has seen. On one side we have someone who stands for everything this society rejects in some way (Yeah, I am talking about you Political Correctness) and then the other has been called a killer and fraud. So it’s very understandable why everything’s upside down – isn’t a tough choice because of how good the candidates are, but the opposite. Now, the reason why I am diving into and kicking off this review with this little overview is because this is the basis for the single “Election Day” by Nick DeStefano and his band The Spider.

The song is both a satire, a look at all the rhetoric that surrounds the upcoming Presidential Election and the overall angst and frustration that so many feel over their choices for the top office in the US country. Nick and his band right off the band start the song with this old-fashioned Rock and Roll riff that get you ready for rumble, it evokes images of a random fight between two rivals yet it isn’t like a serious combat but rather a very funny one. Not sure if that was Nick’s purpose from the beginning, either way it match perfectly with song’s theme.

Moving on to the vocals, I got to say I didn’t knew what to expect and man! Nick’s voice is gold all the way. It adds that final element this song needs to be timeless and an instant classic. As you may or may not know, each state (and country) has its own way of playing the rock and roll or any genre, like you know you are listening to a band or song made in New York or LA or any other place for their music. Well, not sure if it was because of the accent, but the music reminded me a lot to NJ particular sound.

As for the lyrics goes, the band touches such a sensitive topic and instead of leaning towards either Trump or Clinton, DeStefano keeps it impartial, addressing mostly the bad things both the media and people have been commenting on both candidates and the nation as well. It’s both sad but hilarious at the same time. All this match with the video, which even though it doesn’t have any cinematic redeemed qualities, the pictures are well synchronize with every statement sang by Nick.

Overall, Nick and his spiders have come up something that doesn’t fall flat and shows an improvement on this talented artist. Known for always bringing the best of both Rock and Alternative music, while the other bands are always looking for ways to blend and create something new, DeStefano keeps it pure and simple.

Rating: 9/10

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by RJ Frometa