dow5Downie releases “Unavailable” single


Downie has been singing in front of audiences since she was a very small girl. She began her formal vocal training as a young teenager performing classical , pop and jazz music. Whether in a recording studio or live, Downie is a seasoned vocalist with a wide range, able to execute all genre’s of music with emotional depth and creativity. Downie received rave reviews in Japan where for four years she performed to sell out crowds in the clubs and hotels.

She also performed with on the Dennis Bono show Live In Las Vegas with Grammy winning singer, Crystal Gayle. Her latest single is called “Unavailable.” Downie has been around for a while, so, this isn’t her first time around the block. It’s another single, but she does have albums. Not being familiar with her, I am glad to be turned on. She has a magical voice that is very soft and perfect for smooth jazz. But this isn’t really as jazzy as a lot of her material. It’s a lot more than that, to her good fortune. This isn’t some newcomer, as I mentioned, so it’s all pro quality music. Make no mistake about it, but nothing comes without its rough spots. Either way this song is likeable to anyone, and memorable to a fans standard. I’d like to hear more bang for what it’s worth on her next one, but this is cool for cruising or hanging out in the evening while playing. I don’t consider it headphone or jogging music, it’s too intimate. It demands better attention, that’s all I’m saying. It’s a good little tune and you have to pay good attention to appreciate it. Personally I think it sounds like female country artists of the day, but if she’s not country, then this crosses over pretty well into that territory for her. It all depends on your taste, but I get a flavor of that in the chorus. I’m thinking of singers like Shaniah Twane, but others might not detect it at all. If jazz is more her usual style then that would explain it, but it’s not all there is to it. This has some pop and soul to it as well, and by now you can’t really categorize it. But that’s a great thing about jazz singers, they can do a bit of it all. They’re very flexible that way, and that is why I like them. It’s a track that grows with every listen, and can be described differently every time you hear it. It never gets stale, with just the right amount of repetition. And there is no question Downie’s voice is second to none. She gets into some fairy tale mentioning in there and it adds the right sense of humor to the romantic heavy vibe. It doesn’t break any ground but it doesn’t matter, she’s not teenie bopper. It’s a mature piece of music with a world class sound. Who can complain when you’re working with the right people and you’re doing what you want to do. Anybody can relate to that and it shows in the music, which there is more to than her vocals. But it’s a quietly heard thing. It’s so smooth you miss it the first few times, so that is telling you won’t listen just once. Her voice won’t allow it, you’ll just want to hear more. Downie is that good and this track is as good as anything in her class, especially in todays hipster world. It is a very organic but polished song with just the right touch for chilling out.

She doesn’t go all out but doesn’t let anyone down, including to those who pick up that she is singing a message. It’s about not messing around and wasting time on other people’s people in relationships. But the title gives that way so no spoilers there. And it’s another excellent track by her for her fans to eat up, while they hope for a full length album.

Scott Prinzing

Score: 4/5