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Ian K is a well-seasoned Canadian indie music artist that has played on some of the biggest stages to be found anywhere, and has had the good fortune to play alongside some of the big names in music in Canada, including members of Our Lady Peace, Platinum Blonde, Von Groove, and even Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel. He has even sang unreleased tracks with Slash and Velvet Revolver. In February of 2015 his first radio release “Linger” broke the National Radio Airplay Top 50 Rock chart as measured by Digital Radio Tracker.

His latest is “Your Hero.” Ian K kicks off “Your Hero” with a sharp guitar bite and some great harmonic vocals chops to set the tone for his new single. This isn’t just some new comer to the scene, but there isn’t a lot to be found out there under his name either. He’s just another hard working rocker that keeps himself going on the road and managing to get new material out. This is a natural progression from his last single which got some great airplay. It’s bold, it’s fresh and it has both old and new values going for it, as the artist does himself. Don’t be fooled by the retro factors involved in this song, as it is by no means a stale piece of work. He is backed well, unless he is playing all of the instruments, which I do not know. There is no revealing that in his bio, but either way he plays a mean guitar and sings like a demon on this. You can’t win them all and he tries to explain that in the lyrics. He kind of reminds me of Michael Schenker’s latest singer from Scotland. His vocal stylings are pretty similar anyway. And he fits right into the metal minded crowd with no problem, Is this metal though? Not exactly, it’s really more of an attitude than an inflection in the music. But think AOR and you’re on the right track, although he appeals a lot more than the likes of Bon Jovi. Not to size him up to such icons, but it’s always been a shame when you smoke another artist but nobody’s listening out there. This has to be frustrating, but you also have to start somewhere. That’s funny because Ian has obviously been around, it’s just that the world needs to wake up and get involved again or music isn’t going to survive. He seems to be weathering the storm but the storm can be silent and deadly for some, and the opposite for others. In getting back to the song itself, once the mid-section kicks in you get a load of his guitar skills for a few seconds and it leaves you wanting more but the song cuts off too fast, and that is the only complaint I have. The rest is gravy as he spins his magic all over the track. It has me raving but this could ware off, but I’m glad to share in the moment what I take away with this song. It is a lot to take in just under four minutes, and that is another reason I think it could be longer. It’s like the red light turned off and the mixer just dropped the knob down. Good thing for the loop factor because you will not listen to this just once if you like hard rock. But maybe that relates to the lyrics here as well, in explaining that he’s only human. It’s only a small point to be made, but listen and you’ll know what I’m on about. Nobody’s perfect but Ian K comes awful close as he squeezes and saps out every note he can muster on this. It’s not easy to describe and it’s only one song, but it’s enough to keep him on the radar, and that is another testament to this fine track. Don’t get me wrong, get me right and pick up on this track and be thankful for publicity.

It’s so important to get the word out that it’s becoming the norm to read up on something before trying it. “Your Hero” falls under that premise, as it’s easy to write about. But don’t just take my word for it, check this song out yourself and see how easy it is to like.

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