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Being brought up surrounded by so many different cultures, Kim Vogels was drawn to the power and energy of the original sound of those worlds i.e. Flamenco, Klezmer, Celtic, early Persian, Gypsy, Native American, Folk & Blues etc. Even though these musical styles are all quite different from each other, they hold a similarity in their powerful connection to their culture. “Native” is the EP which also includes a promo video for the track “Call Of The Wild.”

The EP kicks off with “Years Ago,” and it’s a look back on men in her life that wind up a distant but in some cases a cherished memory but it mostly focuses on those she would rather forget. This deals with the distances placed between them and whatnot. It has a very tribal approach but the backing track is based on a string arrangement that carries it very well. I would keep this to the folk roots it seems to have, but it sounds more of the Native American variety than Celtic influenced, but the opening notes might indicate it is going to lean heavier in the Celtic direction. It’s an appropriate way to lead off the track list with this little tale. The strings and vocals work equally here. “Two Of A Kind” has more of a beat to it with an assortment of influences but it’s the percussion that grabs you the most, then the harmonica, followed by a good chorus. This brings even more Native American influence, with a western direction in the lyrics that really shine on this. Everything is just done right, from the foxtrot drumming to the fuzzy guitar chords. It deals with taking out the targets as two move through life together, as it gets pretty graphic in that department. But it’s only suggestive that way, and nothing particularly violent. Just a protective subject matter that runs through the lyrical content of the track. This is directly on par with the opener. In which both do well in setting up the single “Call Of The Wild.” This is filled with all of the listed musical genre’s as it delivers across the board. This is a seamless blending capability so far shown in the succession of each track, which makes this EP easy to process. At first I wasn’t sure about how this track stood up to the others, but the video helped a lot with that. You can tell after just one viewing why this was a good choice for a promo clip. It is a very hypnotic track that breeds a desire to view the stroll through the woods that the video features. The vocals get very involved with these calls of the wild, as the backing track contains everything from piano to horns. This is an excellent piece of music. But things go down a notch slower on “Daisy” with a more light-hearted pace that is balanced between an acoustic guitar, some more horns and well placed percussion in parts that bring it altogether for yet another song that draws you in for all it is worth. It begins with some beautiful chanting that instantly has you listening. The track is obviously about a girl, rather than the flower. But it describes the difference which leaves no guessing about that. She does everything from loving to praying to floating out to sea, to eventually dying, which takes you through her similarities with the flower. This is another fine track that falls somewhere between the rest, but never falls out of place or fights for position with the other tracks. And things stay melancholy on the final track “Till The End Of Time” which goes to show how well arranged these songs really are, as they follow one another in proper sequence. This might be one of the hardest ones to lyrically follow, but perhaps it is where the Gypsy in Kim Vogels really lies.

That is how perfectly placed this is, and out of it you also get some of her most resonating vocals as she holds this together like the ballad it is. This contains some of the best singing on the EP, and once again it is about memories and another great track that does not disgrace the others. In closing, this is a fine collection of classy tracks which leave you wanting much more from the artist. Here’s hoping Kim Vogels is here to stay and that she does just that and sticks around to bring a full length LP.

Larry Toering

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Score: 4/5