The Retakes – Trash (EP)


Not sure if it’s me, but in the past few decades I’ve seen a great increase of punk derived bands taking the scene by storm. Some have conquered the charts and the hearts of many people, but the thing with a particular genre popularity is that it tends to get a bit tiring and boring as years goes by. Luckily we find along the way some groups that find the way to stand out – this is the case of The Retakes.

Trash is the third album from the Minnesota natives, the record kicks off with the title track filled with a classic, very hardcore approach to the genre, chaotic and brutal, you can really picture the band going wild on stage a la Iggy Pop. This isn’t you poppy, charming act that makes girls scream like some Justin Beiber teenage fans – this punk in its most pure essence. On “Monkey (He Speaks His Mind)” the insanely awesome vocals are there but the tempo and so does the style changes resulting in a very grungy song that would get under your skin and as if you were possessed you might find yourself dancing along like a coven in the midst of a Black Sabbath ceremony. Going after a more garage rock approach, “Junk” reminded me of The Vines – it’s short, crazy and sweet, almost like hot sauce. The album wraps up in the same note as it’s started with a little pre-recorded speech that embodies the whole album message and right away jumps to Miles Halverson roars as he rips his throat off throughout the rest of the song.

There’s certainly nothing negative to say about the band, at least from my part. I know those who have get used to the pop-punk sound of All Time Low and similar bands would find this record and band a bit nerve wracking and aggressive for their own good; but for those who were born back in the 70s and were witnesses of the whole punk movement with The Stones energetic and somewhat dangerous live presence and style, this is new band to add into your list and get lost in. As I mentioned before, the band is so genuinely good that you actually can picture the band doing all this crazy stunts on stage and this are people that escape from some mental facility (in a good way) and started a band that’s surely destined to greater things.

Overall, the album has zero to none melodies or harmonies or any musical structure whatsoever nor do I believe the band were after any of that. This is an album that would make you go nuts within minutes, so go and get those sweaty and broken mosh shoes, bring on the crew and get ready to fight down your own sanity. Definitely an album that deserves a “Listen under your own risk” label in the cover. In short words, if you haven’t figure it out by now – this is the best punk album of not only the year but perhaps the new millennium.

Rating: 9.5/10


by RJ Frometa