stp1Stevie Pre – Greatest Hits


A large file folder of telling wavs., sounds, jazz, electronic, funk, synth, vocals, blues, smooth, EDM sends this taste of personality into a solidified presence for this work of his greatest hits, all by New Jersey DJ/Producer- Stevie Pre.

The underground djing has seen a huge success over in Europe, especially within the UK for several years now. Hitting both the coasts over in the states the movement has grown exponentially and is gaining momentum as people are gravitating towards the new technological side of the 21st Century beat. With many notable individuals expanding their horizons and working with others in this genre the mixes of synth sounds has taken on its very own personality. The cool thing is too, each DJ is identifiable quite readily by their own techniques. Making this side of music creation a wide open catalog to experiment in. It is so diversified not only because of the endless sounds that can be made, but because it can be mixed in with so many other styles and genres of music. In many ways, the electronic sounds are the new wave and although they have been here for quite some time, it is just becoming more evident how much of an integral part they play.

Stevie Pre (Stephen Prentice) is certainly no stranger to creating ambient sounds. As his bio introduction proclaims by definition Stevie Pre music sounds like, “when an elephant dies and is reincarnated as a dragonfly,” is probably not too far off a fitting description. In this main album that Stevie has compiled from his various released works, he has taken his in-depth background in music and sent a metaphorical relay of sounds into place. Rather magically and completely.

As a modern techno djing producer out of the cutting edge of musicology’s universe of New Jersey, Stevie got his start in the industry as a guitarist with a hardcore rock band in high school. However, the heavier beats and the creation of them soon called. This calling developed itself and has now become a part of his mainstay in creating his own branding of djing, recording and producing of his craft. The conglomeration of experiences over time has produced this time and place where Stevie Pre can now take from the variety of motions he has put into place to create this SteviePreGreatestHits as his main pulls and send it out for listening pleasure.

The perfunctory mark Stevie Pre has garnered within his Greatest Hits squeeze really showcases all his ranges and abilities of sound. This album is a sweet presentation of varied colours blended to not only showcase his apt abilities in American sound but in world sound as well. Stevie Pre has taken his vocals along with multiple instruments of sound, complex layering, and mixing to give birth to something that is evidently a huge part of his own soul, this album showcases his discernible manifestation of accomplishments. This main summation of tracks he has created down and then taken and lined up for this release is truly a masterful way of presenting the variety of ways he can accomplish any given music demands.


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