The Fylls – Interrupted

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Another review with a band that I am unfamiliar with – The Fylls are a New York City Indie ArtPop Rock band whose eclectic collection of songs are often infused with socially conscious messages and are always couched in infectious, tight, upbeat grooves and harmonies. The band is an outgrowth of lead singer/songwriter Jordan Roads vision to present songs in a pop style, but  seek subject matter that can only be found under the rocks of our modern culture.

First thing that needs to be defined I feel is this musical genre of Artpop-In a world of ever increasing musical genre definitions this was a new name/label to me. Art pop is a loosely defined style of pop music  which reflects an affinity with practices in areas of non-musical art, such as pop art, cinema, avant-garde literature, fine art, art school studies, and fashion.  Artists draw on the collapsed boundary between high and low culture  while moving    and away from the conventions of rock music and traditional pop audiences.  Central to some purveyors of the style are notions of artifice, style, or irony. Thus suitably educated I can begin to understand and appreciate the sentiments/emotions and beliefs running at the core of the Fylls music.

From the first lurching strains of opener “Strains ” to the skittering, surreal groove of closer “ Museum Pieces, The Fylls debut record “Interupted” holds the listener’s head under the shimmering, hypnotic waters of its multi-faceted pop ingenuity and keeps us there, kicking and flailing, until we have neither the desire nor the ability to fight back any further. Of course, distilling one’s influences into something as streamlined and effective as “Museum Pieces” my favourite and most addictive attractive and catchy  track is not easy.  Keyboards shimmering  similar to that of legendary Manchester band the Inspiral Carpets-this track in particular I feel has huge potential for success-even bringing to mind another great Manc band Oasis in the vocal stylings. Driven by a monster guitar riff I had to play this particular track several times over and over again.  I could go on at length about this single track but the release contains four others. The songs on this release contain  no stress, no restrictions. It allows for each member to let loose and create that explosive, colorful sound without fostering any feelings of anger.

It is  important not to dismiss those as fillers and appreciate those also on their own merits. I don’t know  about the ethos of Art Pop in delivering socially conscious messages but these tracks presented as basically  executed and well played pop songs with simple tales and catchy melodies. Take the chorus of “McLarren Pool” for example which is certainly not preaching on any complex intellectual level.  Track four “Thread” differs from the others in that it utilises a female lead vocal by Erica Robinson with that of Jordan Roads serving in a backing harmony role. Still managing to retain its pop sensibilities wrapped in a unique style.

It’s hard not to listen through “Interupted” with a smile on your face, as the hooks and instrumentation are just so incredibly lively and infectious it makes the whole album a momentous, front to back blast. Sonically perfect and stunningly well-executed, this record is recommendable to a wide spectrum of music fans whatever their favourite defined musical genre.

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by Mark Dean