Un5gettable – It’s Time for the Holidays

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Un5gettable has entertained countless music fans and families throughout the Midwest with their unique parody of boy bands and songwriting that’s never abrasive and often produces laugh out loud moments for their audiences. Their newest single “It’s Time for the Holidays” deviates a little from their typically comical slant in favor of a sentimental Yuletide song that hits on all the usual imagery associated with the holidays while still exhibiting their signature wit and musical acumen. The production is a largely spotless effort that highlights the group’s vocal talents quite well and, naturally, focuses significant sonic attention on the vocal arrangement and the harmonies. The song has a great length that never taxes the audience’s patience and the balance between the piano and voices is nicely handled. The five members, Kyle Cothern, Joe Cameron, Ryan Richards, Brendan Hawkins, and Zach Harris, have fantastic chemistry that’s been on display in every previous release and abides with their latest effort.

Forgoing their usual comic slant is a good move, but Un5gettable’s sense of humor can’t resist creeping out. It manifests itself in this song through occasional breaks in the song taken for effect and comical asides that never detract from the overall quality. Their vocal phrasing on certain passages while other lines are delivered with gentle, considerable sentimentality and the melody is instantly irresistible. There are subtle variations between each of the five singers and, though a single vocal carries a majority of the song, their five voices flawlessly merge into one glorious instrument full of melody and power. Vocal melodies are as unique as fingerprints and this group has a signature sound that’s readily identifiable and never overwhelming.

The piano is the track’s primary instrument and fills the song with a strong musical presence. They’ve recorded the instrument well and, lacking many other musical elements, it does a fantastic job of pouring sound into the spaces without ever obscuring the vocals. The very physical style of the playing provides “It’s Time for the Holidays” with a solid percussive base musically. The lyrics conjure up a number of clichés common to this type of song, but they aren’t any bother thanks to the vocal performance. Each of these five singers, all experienced musical theater performers, bring a great deal of engagement to the piece and never treat it like a novelty number not worth their full attention.

Christmas songs are always a mixed bag. These efforts, most of the time, are full of heavy-handed revisions of songs past without ever imposing any sense of the individual on the work. Un5gettable has their own style and they inhabit every release with their unabashed charm and comedic timing. The former is in abundance on this song. “It’s Time for the Holidays” is some of the most jovial musical fare that you’ll hear between now and December 25th and is good enough to merit being included in your holiday mix every year.

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William Elgin III