Downie Streahl – Run Away With You


Grand Rapids, Michigan’s own, Downie Streahl, is consistently redefining what vocal and songwriting excellence means in the modern indie country pop scene. Her latest single “Run Away with You” is a cut above her fine previous efforts, spanning over three studio releases, and shows off the seasoning and experience she’s gained working alongside prominent and highly talented performers like Crystal Gayle and John Sinkevics, among others. She’s made highly publicized live appearances at venues the entire world experiencing particular success on both Japanese and Las Vegas stages. Her command over technique allows her to move freely across genre lines without ever seeming out of place or uncomfortable. Unlike many similar performers, Downie Streahl never inhabits a pop country musical landscape sounding calculated or insincere. “Run Away with You”, instead, sounds like every bit of the dramatic cry from the heart that listeners hope for.

It has an impressively live sound. The guitar and Streahl’s voice opening the song gets things off to an excellent and bubbly start without ever sounding like hollow pop. Instead, the musicians and Streahl, in particular, sound utterly convinced from the first seconds and it doesn’t take much to convince the listener either. The uptempo march of the arrangement scoops you up and carries you along on an uplifting wave without ever aiming for the lowest common denominator. There are a number of interesting, understated tempo shifts thanks to the rhythm section and the drumming, specifically, sets a definitive tone for the song. The swing achieved by the bass and percussion has a nice physicality, as well, that will make many want to tap their feet, sing along, and dance. This musical element, above all others, makes the song’s arrangement stand out and infuses the song with appealing energy.

Streahl’s vocal never goes overboard, but it nevertheless surges with life and vitality. She does a fantastic job of personifying the feelings everyone experiences when they first fall in love with someone and the songwriting never relies too greatly on the standard clichés and tropes of such emotions. Instead, Streahl’s vocal sounds like someone spinning in circles, intoxicated with the moment, and overflowing with unmistakable gratitude for the experience they are undergoing. She shows a sure hand for phrasing, backing off certain words and phrases while stressing others, and each swing through the song’s chorus gives her a great chance to show off her satisfying emotional range. The lyrical content is strong enough to give her a great platform and speaks to listeners with accessible eloquence that will resonate with anyone who has ever known even a second of love. “Run Away with Me” will bring Streahl every bit of the success and critical notice that she deserves without ever losing the fans she’s already picked up along the way. Downie Streahl is a major talent who has risen on the dint of sheer hard work and talent, but this new release raises her another notch towards grabbing the mainstream success that she’s due.


Shannon Cowden