Artist: Eons
Single: See You Soon (SINGLE)
Label: Independent
Genre: Synth-Pop/Electronic
Sounds Like: New Order
Technical Grade: 5/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 7/10
Commercial Value: 7/10
Overall Talent Level: 7/10
Songwriting Skills: 5/10
Performance Skills: 7/10
Strengths: Polished overall sound/musical approach, clearly defined and well executed performance
Weaknesses: Can be boring in terms of both lyrical content and instrumental variation

Eons is a Miami-based electronic two piece consisting of Matthew Gossman on keyboards and Johnny Deezal on guitar and vocals. Deezal is a native of New York who migrated away from the alternative rock scene after being influenced by the regional music preferences of Miami. When Gossman’s previous band Life of Seals ended, he joined Deezal to form Eons. The two musicians released an EP in August of 2015 titled Serene Machine in addition to a number of singles, such as this particular track titled “See You Soon”. Eons has played at several notable venues, such as Miami’s Ultra Music Festival at Bayfront Park, and is currently working on a full-length album.

Although the general sound of Eons, which many have described to be a unique brand of “Galactic Synth-Pop” is futuristic and space-themed with a touch of modern house sensibilities, one of the most notable facets of this single, “See You Soon”, is that it carries a degree of retro influence which stands out considerably. For this reason, the single isn’t a completely modern dance track, despite the fact that this is indeed party/club-like music. “See You Soon” is a unique combination of an enveloping electronic jam that aims at full immersion across sweeping, lush soundscapes with tendencies and digital/synth similarities that suggest influences from 80s electronic/pop bands like New Order. The track itself is quite simplistic in it’s composition, but has been layered, polished, and augmented to create a very distinctive sound that is modern, retro, grand, and encompassing all at once. The synth melodies are basic, the lyrics are basic, and the overall arrangement of the song is basic. That being said, as linear as “See You Soon” is from a musical standpoint, the single achieves the overall sound Eons was aiming at, and it is apparent that this song can just as easily be headphone music as it can be for the dance floor.

When it comes to observing “See You Soon” in terms of its compositional and lyrical qualities, the shortest way to put things is to say that there really isn’t much going on. The entire song is basically the same set of maybe three/four lyrical phrases, there is little movement in instrumentation, and the overall “smoothness” of the track becomes tiresome. The point is, a notable lack of dynamics can make “See You Soon” get a little boring after a while, especially when being considered as headphone music. While the overall sound of the single is certainly in tandem with Eons’ musical goals, integrating a few more sections, or even implementing variations on the sections they have currently, would contribute to a potentially more interesting composition.

Given the musical scene of the Miami area and the relatively current successes of electronic/synth-pop in various independent music scenes across the country, it is definitely accurate to assume that Deezal and Gossman are on the right track with where they have taken Eons in respect to this single, “See You Soon”. What they lack in musical dynamics they make up for in overall presentation and concept, especially if they are writing songs for a party or club-like setting. Overall, if the full-length album the band is working on can score a few popular dance hits within the independent Miami scene (which is very achievable), it should be counted as a great success.

8/10 Stars

Owen Matheson