Angie and the Deserters – 17 Days


The true power of Angie Bruyere’s considerable talents comes from her unabashed willingness to be herself. Her singing talents are beyond question and show a breadth of maturity and emotional depth that will never fail to surprise and excite listeners. She shows how canny her ear for music is in the way she makes her voice part of the overall musical attack rather than remaining one small step detached for it. Her lyrics are unflinchingly honest and make great use of all the best elements from the genre without being too heavy handed about it. The real secret to the success of her latest single “17 Days” is that she can’t help but come through in every facet of the performance. Even the band, a talented lot, clearly responds to her entrance and departure in each part of the song and matches her intensity down the line. The end result, however, shines with Angie’s personality during every second.

She needs those lyrics to draw from though. “17 Days” is a pirate song, of sorts, about the loneliness of the road and the vagrant pleasures one pursues moving from one town to another and never experiencing much permanence. Much like the musical arrangement, Bruyere’s lyrics don’t waste your time with extraneous distractions. She drives straight into the heart of her personal experience with all of the same passion and restraint that fills the song’s musical arrangement. The brevity is particularly apt during the song’s chorus,

The perfectly tailored backing track is built on a swinging backbeat that gives the song just enough added drag, warm hard-nosed guitar, and brief bluesy licks that come occasionally blasting out of the mix. It has a relaxed, steady tempo that the players hit just the right groove with and there’s no sense of rushing it. Angie and the Deserters have a well honed sense of what this music requires and bring just the right amount of feel and technical skill to the performance. It never runs on too long and the instrumental breaks in the track are tastefully shaped.

The song’s finest quality, however, is Bruyere’s performance at the center of it all. Her searing emotion is difficult to ignore and she really invests the track with every bit of the emotion in her lyrical content. She knows just when to ratchet up the song’s needed fire and never threatens to take over the song with her obviously expressive voice. This is a great new single for Angie and the Deserters that ensures more fans will take the chance on her latest studio album You/ “17 Days” is certainly indicative of the top shelf songwriting and musical quality Angie Bruyere has thus far claimed as her own. There’s a lot of tradition present in this track and it’s lovingly brought to life by her talents, but there’s also something idiosyncratically her own in the way it approaches music and regards life.


Shannon Cowden