Kanisha K – Bet On Me

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Kanisha K’s latest single, “Bet On Me”, is co-written and produced by a major league production guru Joe Vulpis. The excellent job he does framing the newest track from this commercially significant and award winning singer is just the first of its many keys to success. The production enhances the performance’s naturally organic qualities; Kanisha’s voice, juxtaposed against the graceful arrangement, sounds profoundly responsive to every musical shift and naturally quite emotive. The musical elements of the track are outstanding, but there’s little question after even a single listen that Kanisha K is the undisputed star of the release. Her voice is placed front and center in the mix without ever completely overshadowing her accompaniment, but it is her unbridled way of throwing herself into the song and dramatic phrasing that’s certain to garner the bulk of listener’s attention. “Bet on Me” has an intensely personal message that, nonetheless, Kanisha K makes her own.

The song has a languid tempo with evocatively recorded drums and an unobtrusive sheen of keyboards in the arrangement’s background. Kanisha makes great use of guitars in this song, though they are turned in a decidedly orchestral way rather than working as a lead instrument, and the color they add is indispensible to the song’s ultimate success. There’s some strong acoustic guitar touches rising up from deep in the mix that further layer the track. Another key component in the song’s success is how the track gracefully transitions from one understated peak to another and, in particularly, the transition into the last quarter of the song is immaculately handled. The song doesn’t waste any time sliding under listener’s skin and plays in an immediately likable way from the first airing. Rather than sounding like merely a vehicle for Kanisha to sing over, the arrangement for “Bet on Me” stands on its own as a compelling piece of music.

It is her vocal and the lyrics, however, which ultimately sell the song. It’s nothing but sheer joy to hear how patiently Kanisha steers this track towards its inevitable conclusion. She sings like someone intent on squeezing all possible emotion from the lyrical content and her efforts elevate the song as a whole. This is emphatic and passionate without ever risking overkill. The bluesy quality in Kanisha’s voice contrasts quite nicely against the stately movement of the music and fits its mood quite nicely. Kanisha is, likewise, a performer who clearly listens to the backing track quite closely and attempts to sing with the band rather than positioning her voice against them and the resulting seamlessness is the final, crowning detail that sends “Bet On Me” over the top. Her rise continues unabated. Kanisha K is far more than just another vapid, shallow as a bird bath pop princess in the making. Everything involved in this song sounds like it’s coming from someone who intends to be in this for the long haul and genuinely wants to communicate while also aiming for her music to make a substantive difference in people’s lives.

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Jason Hillenburg