The Spider Accomplice – Los Angeles: The Abduction


The new EP Los Angeles: The Abduction is the second installment in The Spider Accomplice’s ongoing Los Angeles trilogy. There’s hardly such a thing as a native Angelino. Nearly everyone stalking or stumbling the streets of the nation’s entertainment capital are transplants and the three members of this band are no different. Part of the concept driving the band rides on this central fact – each of the band members are from elsewhere who ended up on the sun-splashed streets of Los Angeles chasing their dreams alongside thousands of like-minded dreamers. They have a unique chemistry that goes far beyond the storytelling trappings of the trilogy’s concept and their chops are unquestionable for the music they are producing. Los Angeles: The Abduction is a stunning six song collection and solidifies their reputation as one of the most interesting outfits working along the margins of popular music today.

The opener “Bromelaid” begins with a steady rave up before it settles into a proper groove after a minute in. Vocalist and rhythm guitarist VK Lynne has an immediate and compelling presence as a singer. This is a muscular rock track, but it never foregoes commercialism completely and manages to hit on a bright, appealing sound without ever pandering for the listener’s attention. “Messy Vampire” starts with a single sustained guitar note before it moves into the song and it’s every bit as impactful as the first track. It brings together ear-catching structures with just enough dissonance to give it a raucous side. Lynne’s vocal, once again, have a dramatic quality that’s never over-emphasized. The guitar work opening up “Behold the Day” soon segues into deliciously odd verses that are quite effective and individualistic. The band switches gears quite often however, but the arrangement never loses coherence as a result. There’s a strong acoustic guitar underpinning the opening of “You Still Lie”, but the band takes another compelling song in its second half with muscular, ramped up guitars and powerful rhythms.

“Going Over” shows another interesting side to the band as it comes close to being an outright folk song and its shimmering textures involve, during the song’s second half, into a more orchestral pop feel. It ranks among Lynne’s best vocals on the EP and she throws herself into the performance with a remarkable balance of physicality and finesse. The EP concludes with “Hollywood Hotel”. It puts an unexpected hard rock exclamation point on the release that earlier songs only hinted at, but they handle the material quite well. Los Angeles: The Abduction is a fiery creative work that maintains an impressive energy level from the outset and lacks any discernible sign of filler. Instead, this sounds like a band on fire and inspired by their collaboration. Don’t let the conceptual airs of the album turn you away; this is a real gem and completely accessible.

9 out of 10 stars


Jason Hillenburg