Brooke Moriber – Up All Night


Brooke Moriber’s musical career is set to go into overdrive on the back of her newest single “Up All Night”. This is just the sort of song with potential widespread appeal that poises her to move another level higher and experience more of the mainstream rewards a performer with this artistry richly deserves. This New York City native and resident isn’t just a singing talent – her acting skills have landed her choice parts on television as well as in major films and Broadway productions. She’s applied herself to refining her songwriting talents with equal measure and has recently worked with some of the major league talents ensconced in music capitals like Los Angeles, Nashville, and NYC. Moriber and the song’s production team tailored “Up All Night” to just the right size and length – this isn’t songwriting or a performance overextending itself or falling prey to self-indulgent twaddle. Moriber keeps everything moving, moving quick, and in a straight line towards the song’s conclusion.

It has irrepressible energy that stands in sharp contrast to the lyric. “Up All Night” features a heart in torment. Moriber is separated from someone she loves and hoping to hear from them as she drinks and painfully reflects on what she’s lost while the music surges ahead on the back of a big bass beat and torrid synthesizer playing. It’s an impressive juxtaposition. Moriber’s vocal shows off some of the technique that’s a result of her extensive musical theater work and voice training, but she’s equally capable of twisting her phrasing around at will to meet the song’s demands. She kicks everything up to a higher gear with each chorus and there’s some backing vocals thrown into the song that sweeten the performance. The production double-tracks her own voice for effect at critical points or situates two Moriber vocal lines against each other as a way of creating counterpoint.

The lyrics are quite a bit stronger than what many of us have come to expect from modern pop songs. Everything from the propulsive verses to the rousing choruses have lyrics with a surprising amount of detail and the songwriting, without question, does an excellent job of communicating the situation to listeners with total clarity. Despite the electronic nature of the song, the instrumental sounds remain warm and inviting throughout and do nothing to undercut the lyrics. The songwriting aims for an ideal length as well and achieves it. Finishing just shy of the four minute mark, Brooke Moriber manages to invoke entire worlds of feeling within this relatively brief amount of time. The New York City native may still be very young, but there’s little doubt that her experiences on Broadway have left her a seasoned veteran of the music world and capable of working on a high level early on in her recording career. “Up All Night” isn’t Brooke Moriber’s first single, but it is quite likely her best yet.


Shannon Cowden