Amilia K. Spicer – Fill Me Up


Singers like this don’t often come along. Amila K. Spicer’s rapid rise in musical notoriety has been propelled, in large part, but her broad-based talent for the form. She is a great singer, a superb musician, and a first class lyricist whose songs bring memorable melodies, instrumental performances hitting all the right points, and incisive writing that speaks in personal, but accessible, terms. Spicer has already attracted a lot of attention and the first single from her soon to be released full length album Wow and Flutter, “Fill Me Up”, is sure to signal another round of fulsome praise for this Pennsylvania born singer/songwriter. The full-throated commitment she brings to this superior material distinguishes her from the pack and makes a mark as one of the best emotive interpreters working today in any genre. She is powerful and sports an one of the kind artistry that increasingly rare in the modern music scene.

The inherent gorgeousness of her vocal is the first evidence of her skills. She doesn’t sing this track so much as inhabit it and the spectral presence she exerts throughout her passages gives the performance a stirring character it might otherwise lack. Everything is handled quite artfully, however. There’s never any sense of the singer straining to portray certain lines for dramatic effect and, instead, everything evolves in a manner more befitting live performance – Spicer, with the understated inspiration she stamps on the song, sounds like someone encountering these lines for the first time and that freshness is irresistible. She also sounds like a singer who’s quite attentive to the backing track – rather than trying to sing against the song, Spicer sings with the instruments and, in particular, locks onto the fiddle for fantastic effect. “Fill Me Up” gains a lot from this beautiful weaving of voice and music. It is a seamless performance and there isn’t a single hint in the entire track that its constructed in some way.

The song’s dominant instrument, acoustic guitar, lays down an early shuffle that gains power as the song progresses, but there’s other instruments making their presence felt. The fiddle and slide guitar coming in deepens both the emotional and entertainment impact of the song without ever siphoning off any attention from Spicer’s singing. The way that the song slowly builds steam makes a lot of difference on the overall effect. There’s never any sense that its rushed and the song’s duration gives Spicer and her collaborators ample space to make the song work. Based on this single alone, “Fill Me Up” shows that Amilia K. Spicer’s musical and artistic development is continuing full bore with no signs of abating. It also promises that Wow and Flutter is sure to be an improvement, in every way, on her previous work while still maintaining the same spirit. “Fill Me Up” is a satisfying track from beginning to end and leaves a deep mark on listeners.


Lance Wright